About Velvet Thruster Sex Toy Company

Building a Better Sex Toy Company

Velvet-Brands is a boutique pleasure and wellness company located in Brooklyn, NY.  

We do our own product engineering and manufacturing development for our thrusting dildo products and other e-commerce sites under Velvet Brands.  We are opening a fulfillment site and custom laboratory for our silicone sex toys at our location in New York City.  This will support limited edition production runs and individualized products we are releasing in 2023.

Our 2022-line of handheld sex machines, including the customizable Velvet Prime and Thruster Mini sex toy models, were designed by Alex and Danyell Fima along with the guidance from the sex toy reviewers and critics listed below.  It is our pleasure to channel passion and advanced engineering into sex-tech for building new and unique sex toys. 

We sell directly to consumers and ship throughout the world with few exceptions. Our Thruster Mini products can be found at select retailers found in the list below.  The Velvet Prime model is sold only through our website and uses our custom configurator allowing the users to choose different shapes, sizes, and colors or add accessories which support fun and ease of use.    

The reason we sell direct is because the cost of goods for a high-quality sex toy is high.  If we used the traditional distributor, plus the retail store model, the cost would be way too high for users to afford.  Also, the idea for the patent came from my kids' grandfather, so we own that engineering and no other company can offer our thrusting vibrator design.

Our Thruster sex toy products have been very successful and have allowed us to grow and expand our product offerings with new e-commerce sites. 

With Top Sex Toy Reviewers

Sex toy reviewers you can trust are truly exceptional.  Yes, they have great jobs but sex-work is work.  We appreciate their input very much, as they very much represent the users.

  1. Cy Smash
  2. Hey Epiphora
  3. Phallophile Reviews
  4. Rachel Wright
  5. https://backwoodsbedroom.com/
  6. Julieta Chiara
  7. https://www.ellechase.com/
  8. https://formidablefemme.com/
  9. https://www.redheadbedhead.com/ 

What we stand for.

Everyone should enjoy their sexuality however they prefer and without judgment.   Our products are all sex-positive and gender-neutral.   As we succeed with our family business, we chose to support organizations that propel what we stand for in this world.

  • Pleasure for all 
  • Protecting pets and animals
  • Preserving the planet and resources 

What Makes Velvet Unique

You get better value when shopping directly with the manufacturer.  We build high-quality sexual pleasure products, using our own patents and the best materials available.  Most adult product companies build cheap sex toys.  You get far more value when our products do not see price mark-up from manufacturer to distributor and again from distributor to retailer.  When you shop with us, you eliminate all that excess markup and buy direct.  We do selectively work with retails for our Thruster Mini sex toy items SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, & PeepShow.  Velvet Prime models are only available at Velvet Thruster.

We have a Sex Experts on staff.   

We are here to help answer questions and help make an informed decision that might be best for you.  See our regular Sexpert issues curated here with extensive topics around sexual wellness included each month from Julieta Chiara!

Customer service for every order.

We are a small operation and every order counts.  You will get our best 5-star service.  We are available via text, 760-333-6000 and email, help@velvet-brands.com, anytime. Your questions will get a response right away, usually the same day.

Many discreet shipping options for sex toys! 

Flat rate shipping to US and international addresses are available.  Always plain brown and white cartons are used to enclose your sex wellness products.

Pack and ship same day with discreet shipping.  

We work to ship orders the same day they are received.  Your order will ship in a plain box with no reference to its contents. Bundle box and sex toy gift box may be plain white in color when shipped.

Discounts and promotions across brands.  

Enjoy a product diversity with our sex toy gift boxes.

Privacy and security.
  • Our site is secure transaction enabled and utilizes SSL encryption.
  • We will never share your information with a third party.
  • We will never send you unsolicited communications or advertisements.
  • Billing will appear as:
  • Credit Card Payments -Velvet
  • PayPal Payments - Velvet CO
  • Amazon Pay Payments - AMZ*Velvet CO
  • Your package will arrive in plain or standard issued FEDEX or USPS label in a plain brown carton.

Social networking helps us  

Follow us on social channels, we are not permitted to do any paid advertising - which is lame!  Help us organically share out sex wellness brand and products by following our accounts on social.  We are always sharing promotions and new products.   Don't worry about graphic images or language. We keep it clean and friendly for all online.

                                     The Velvet Co. adult toy company’s new velvet thruster mini

Past Contributions to Organizations

These are both some current and past organizations which we have contributed in some way.  These listed below mean something special for us but it is not a complete list.  Feeding and clothing to orphans and the homeless are among our personal charters.  As well we support many organizations that support and care for animals domestic and wild.  Treat them better than humans, they do not have a voice and aren't self-destructive.  We would like to do more for animals and the planet when we can expand.  Please know, we are not political people, we make decisions on quality of character.

1. The Trevor Project — Saving Young LGBTQ Lives

2. Human Rights Campaign - HRC

3. Planned Parenthood | Official Site

4. Suicide Prevention Services | United States | Support & Awareness (spsamerica.org)


The Original Thrusting Vibrator

Danyell and Alex come from a background in engineering and advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing and machining and developed the original Thrusting vibrator product.  We built products for airplanes and rocket ships, with customers like Honeywell, Airbus, and NASA.  It was highly stressful work.  After 23 years, we were delighted to sell that business and start our own pleasure products company, Velvet Brands.  It is our pleasure to channel passion and advanced engineering into sex-tech for building new and unique sex toys. 

What we do in a thrusting vibrator, competitors cannot do.  They don't have patents.  Even if they did, they do not sell direct to consumers.  Instead, they use distributors and retailers which make the cost significantly higher by the time you see it on a shelf.   

At first our plan was to replace large and expensive sex machines sex, like sybian or cowgirl.   We knew there was space for us in the sexual wellness market.  However, when we completed engineering the product, it was much closer in size to a pulsator, from Fun-Factory, and vibrating dildos similar to those from Doc-Johnson, whose products we admire.  This had our thruster sex toy products competing in a real market of sexual wellness companies.   

Our thrusting vibrators are different in that they actual are pumping and thrusting, and they can bend while doing it, a feature in the patent.  Allowing our silicone thruster sex toys to curve with your body while you are using it.   This requires a larger high torque motor and a powerful battery supply.  The tech for this battery did not exist before 2010, batteries before lacked power needed to drive this much torque. That flexibility and powerful torque add to the joy of masturbation and pleasure.

Now in 2022 with have made the Thruster Prime model modular.  You can change tops and add accessories, even during play!  Simply pull off a Jackie top and slide on the Sammie.  Maybe instead, you would prefer to add an accessory, like a long reach handle or suction cup. 

Build your own prime thrusting dido or select thruster mini.

Sex Toy Warranty

All thruster products include a 1 year, no questions asked, "Tip-to-Tail" warranty for manufacturing defects.   You are investing in your own sexual health.  For those that use their sex toy frequently we offer extended 2-year and 3-year warranty upgrades. 

New Products Coming in 2023

We are producing new items for each of our brand sites every year now plus adding new brand sites in 2023.  Our overall product catalogue will grow with more sex toys and hip and trendy everyday items.

Velvet Brands, LLC is the operating entity for each of our e-commerce sites.   We like to do specials that cross pollinate our product lines and audiences.  Since we are essentially banned from desirable advertising channels, we use our social media platforms to develop our audience of like-minded pleasure seekers.  Your positive comments and reviews are always welcomed so we may continuously improve the work we do. 

New brands coming in 2023:

  • Kunst-Zurich
  • Haoles

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about The Thruster.

Check our X-biz profile article "Meet the Family Biz Behind the Velvet Thruster Brand." 

We hope you enjoy our products.
Velvet Brands, LLC.  11-5-2022