Velvet Thruster Partners with Suicide Prevention of America 

Velvet Thruster is excited to announce its annual engagement to support and campaign for Suicide Prevention Services of America with quarterly financial donations in support of their mission of mental health.

“It's a subject I personally have a hard time talking opening about, it scares me to even discuss. Perhaps, because I have asked myself before if I am valuable enough to be here despite having a great family and fun sex toy business.   I know am not alone; life can be stressful and overwhelming to any of us.  And lately, it's hard not to notice the increased tension amongst our population here in the US”, Alex Fima chief in charge of Sex Tech at Velvet Thruster sex toy products. 

It seems the usual pressure of seasonal holidays have further exaggerated people's emotions as we near the end 2021.  Suicide is a disease like depression or alcoholism and is best treated with interpersonal support.  Personal wellness requires individual work and support from others, like SPS America.

“Physical, sexual, and emotional wellness are part of the mission of peace and happiness that Velvet brands hopes to manifest so this decade ends better than it started,” says Danyell Fima co-founder and CEO at Velvet CO, who owns brand.  

Velvet Thruster Partners with Suicide prevention Services 

“Suicide Prevention Services is happy to partner with Velvet Thruster”, says Stephanie Weber, Executive Director of more than 23 years and veteran mental wellness person. “What the general population needs to know is that suicide doesn’t spare any demographic.  The desperation and pain and loss of hope is the root cause of suicide.  When all hope is gone, when everything else to cope has been tried, suicide is the end result,” Weber continues. “Awareness comes through education.”   

Suicide Prevention Services has contracts with school districts that allow their counselors to go into the schools to help students at risk and assist with prevention and positive mental wellness.  They also do on-site counseling and each licensed clinicians carries a caseload of clients, youth and adult.  Education and training are provided across the country both with in-person and Zoom presentations.   “We want to support the expansion of mental wellness, using profit from our sex toy business since it's our path to the community” Kassidy Fima, marketing director at Velvet.

SPS has support groups for those who have had a friend and/or family member die by suicide as well as a support group for those who have attempted suicide and lived.  SOSY (Survivors of suicide youth) is another program run by SPS.

“We are one of 183 centers that are a part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK), “ says Weber.    

Velvet Thruster has created an opt-in campaign at  It allows users to make a commitment to support the cause and Velvet makes the donations.  This will increase the quarterly financial benefit to SPS and their programs.  Specific terms and details can be found on its website.  Please visit the team website for details about programs or directly provide donation. 


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