San Diego 12/20/21 -  Giant Sex Toy Deals and Velvet Thruster Satisfaction


For the first time, sexual pleasure brand Velvet Co has released bundle boxes featuring The Thruster, the brand’s build-your-own, self-thrusting line of vibrators, with new color options for your Christmas Dildo!  Velvet Thruster products provide the power of a full-sized sex machine in a handheld rechargeable design.  The Christmas sex toy boxes feature interchangeable heads plus accessories, such as the long reach handle, suction cup base, and the brand’s new water-based lubricant, GLEAM.  

 “We pride ourselves on offering customers something they cannot get anywhere else and these bundle boxes offer the ultimate Thruster experience and a first opportunity to try our new lube, GLEAM, which is now available as an add-on to any purchase at,” said Executive Officer and Co-Founder Danyell Fima. 

New colors for the product line include red and green silicone base handles. Paired with the same color silicone dildo head for Christmas color dildo sets to perfectly match your holiday motif.

Just in time to treat yourself or your partner for the holidays, there are two boxes to choose from:

Big Dildos, Big Sex Toy Deals!

Best Value Thrusting Sex Toy Bundle Box, $349.99 ($72 savings) 

Variety is the spice of life. This box offers three different thrusting heads to choose from, plus two accessories and a new GLEAM water-based lubricant for maximum value and fun. 

  • Velvet Prime Base offers up to 136 strokes per minute, six speeds, and a rechargeable battery with up to eight hours of battery life
  • Jackie, the most realistic dildo and the most popular thrusting dildo
  • Nanci, g-spot thrusting dildo head, created in partnership with sex toy critic and reviewer @supersmashcache
  • Walter, g-spot unisex anal play thrusting dildo adult sex toy
  • Two Velvet Prime sex toy  accessories: the suction cup base and partner play handle
  • GLEAM, 4oz unisex water-based lubricant for sex toys and partner play lubricant


Best Seller Thrusting Sex Toy Bundle Box, $319.99 ($43 savings)

Includes the Thruster’s most popular and best-selling shapes of 2021 and two best-selling accessories. 

  • Velvet Prime Base offers up to 136 strokes per minute, six speeds, and a rechargeable battery with up to eight hours of battery life
  • Jackie, the most realistic silicone thrusting dildo sex toy for penetration and vaginal orgasm
  • Sammie, a thicker, more filling natural huge dildo product 
  • The two best-selling Velvet Prime sex toy product accessories: the suction cup base and long-reach handle, ideal for short arms and reach-around positions


The Thruster delivers handheld sex tech with an industry-leading design, allowing users to build their own custom dildo.  All Velvet Prime models are extra strong, flexible, and made with medical-grade silicone. 

Additional Sex Toy Accessories

Necessary extra items for the thruster sex toy!  they are included in the holiday bundle boxes or can be added online anytime.  

The Long reach handle is ideal if your arms get tired or simply its uncomfortable to reach down and hold a dildo for an period of time. 

Suction cup addition is a stable for an women's personal massager, or any self thrusting didlo if you want to straddle and ride hands free, maybe solo cowgirl!

The Partner handle is for friends who play together.


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