When is National Sex Day, And How to Celebrate

It's that time of year again, national sex day is just around the corner. If you are wondering when is National Sex Day is, mark your calendar for June 9th!  National Sex Day is in the heart of Pride Month and we at Velvet Thruster Co have a few tips on how to celebrate to make the most of this year's National Sex Day.

Explore Sexual Boundaries

What better time to explore your personal sexual boundaries as well as sexual boundaries as a couple.  You never know where your limit for pleasure lies unless your push your own boundaries and try something new.  Perhaps this year you can take our pleasure to the next limit. 

Bring a masturbation aid or a marital aid into the mix.

Looking for a surefire way to spice things up in the pleasure department?  Sex toys extend the play session when used by couples and can be used for multiple orgasm with partners.  Straight couples should start with with something like the Thruster sex toy, Prime - It allows you to change heads during play for added versatility.   Same sex couples might consider Slide from L’acier; a luxury stainless steel vibrating dildo for vaginal or anal play.  There is no wrong choice when choosing a companion for the play session, just be sure to choose quality and don't forget the lube!   

Explore Your Body or Your Partner's Body 

What better time for exploration than on National Sex Day, in the midst of pride month.  Throw standard sexual stereotypes out the window and start exploring.  Learn the pleasures of erogenous zones and explore new and exciting ways to stimulate yourself or your partner.  Learn the art of light touch and teasing while you stimulate yourself or a partner in new and exciting ways!  Try gentle water-based lube in the tip of your finger while touching your anus, or nipples. 

Introduce another Partner to Sex

Unleash your fantasies and your inner kink by introducing a new partner to the mix.  Always consult with your partner before inducing someone new to the experience.  Adding a partner can add a thrill to the mix, and a way to explore your boundaries, by being open and respectful you can make this National Sex Day a day to remember.  There a many quality “Lifestyle” sites and resorts to connect with a single or couple on a date or just drop into a summer pool party at one of their mixer type parties to see who you might connect with. 

Educate Yourself

Take this holiday as an opportunity to educate yourself not only on safe sex practices but various other topics that can broaden your horizons.  We have a few recommendations for some of our latest content

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    Find a Kink

    Try something special and introduce a new kink, for both your own personal pleasure and a shared experience with a partner.  This year try something new, have you ever dreamed of having an audience during a masturbation session?  Throw on a mask this year and join one of many various live chat sites to show off your new Thrusting Dildo and feel a rush from anonymity and having a stranger watching.  Looking to share a kind with a partner?  Try a bit of BDSM, introduce some props to the bedroom, and have a hardcore experience, have our hardcore sex machine Walter join in the fun.

    Have Fun and Stay Safe

    The most important thing you can do this national sex day is to remember to have a great time and expand your sexual horizons and most importantly due it in a safe  and consensual way

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