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 Anal sex is like the great equalizer of sex – it’s available to anyone who wants it, no matter what gender they are. We kept that in mind when we created The Walter, our unisex beaded Thruster appropriate for all anal anatomies.

That being said, a man’s anal anatomy is a unique kind of beast. Men have a specific set of erogenous zones that women don’t have, including the prostate, which is practically a treasure trove of sensation. Even men that identify as straight can enjoy at least some light anal play to awaken those zones.

If you’re a man and you do decide to go down (or up?) that road, you’re in good hands here at Velvet Thruster. Or, perhaps you’re looking to give the perfect first anal toy as a gift for the curious man in your life. Either way, read on to find out the five things you should look in a sex toy so that when you do explore that sacred backdoor, you can be safe and as pleasurable as possible about it!

1. They’re Made From Safe Materials

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Materials matter for sex toys – a lot. The anus, in particular, is a sensitive zone and home to heavy populations of bacteria. You should take more care when selecting anal sex toys than say, a masturbator for your penis.

The first criterion you should look for in the material of anal toys for men is non-porosity. Porous toys will catch bacteria and never let it go, allowing it to multiply over time. Non-porous toys, on the other hand, are safe enough to use again and again for as long as you want to keep your toy. Just make sure to properly clean them between use (and sanitize them if you plan on sharing).

Other things to look for in anal sex toys for men are durability and non-toxicity. The following materials tend to be body-safe:

  • 100% silicone
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Treated wood
  • Stone
  • Ceramic

All of these toys will feel vastly different inside of you, so keep that in mind when you shop.

2. They’re Compatible With Your Lube Of Choice

Since the anus doesn’t lubricate itself, lube is an absolute must when you want to engage in anal play. Not all sex toy materials are compatible with every kind of lube available on the market, however, so you need to plan ahead when shopping anal sex toys for men.

Your main options are silicone, water, and oil-based lubes. Silicone is slippery and long-lasting, but it isn’t compatible with toys made from impure silicone (our Thrusters are made from pure silicone, so you won’t run into that issue with them). Oil lubes are incredibly slick and incredibly hard to clean up. Water-based lubricants are compatible with most toys, but will dry up quickly.

If you’re buying a non-silicone anal toy for men, your options are pretty wide when it comes to lube. If you’re shopping for a silicone toy, however, make sure to look for 100% silicone unless you don’t mind using oil or water lube.

3. They’re The Right Size For You

Anal toys include plugs, dildos, beads, prostate massagers and sex machines, just to name the most commonly used ones. Some of these toys are incredibly thick! To put things into perspective, the average male finger is about ¾” in diameter, and sizeable dildos can be two or three times that, if not more. For men who are beginners to anal toys, we recommend testing the waters with a small toy such as a plug or trainer set before heading into dildo territory.

You can also go for a tapered toy so that you can insert the amount that feels right before diving all the way in. We designed our thrusting anal dildo, The Walter, in this tapered style so that users can insert as many beads as feels comfortable!

4. They Won’t Get Stuck Up There

Unlike vaginas, which have a natural stopper in the form of the cervix, the rectum keeps going and going. It wouldn’t be impossible for a dildo to get in too deep for extraction – and no one wants to make a trip to the ER for dildo removal. When shopping for a dildo or other long anal toy for men, make sure to choose one with “testicles” or some other stopper at the bottom so that you don’t run into problems when it’s time to take it out.

5. They’re There For Your Prostate

For many men who use anal toys, prostate stimulation is a primary goal if not the #1 goal. All anal toys are capable of prostate stimulation, but we highly recommend butt plugs and prostate massagers as the most effective way to awaken your prostate. Butt plugs are filling, hands-free, and will stay in place during intercourse. Prostate massagers, on the other hand, are curved to target the prostate, and some of them will even vibrate. Use them during intercourse or pair them with a penis massager to build up to intense orgasms.

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Our Thrusters are also perfect for prostate play, with adjustable angles that range from straight thrusting to 90˚. Try them at a range of angles to find the ones that allow them to rub up against your prostate.

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6. They’re Compatible With Your Partner

There are lots of anal sex toys for men out there that are suitable for use during intercourse. If you’re looking for a multifunctional anal plug to use during anal intercourse, consider choosing one that comes with a cock ring attached in front. If you and your partner both enjoy anal penetration, you can also select a double-ended dildo designed to bend to enter both users.

Shop Our Anal-Loving Thrusters

While only one of our Thrusters is designed specifically to be an anal sex toy for men and women, they are all shaped appropriately for backdoor insertion. Each product comes with a one-year warranty, too, so don’t be afraid to get rough with your Thruster! Shop the collection today to enjoy hardcore anal sex, your way.