Why Disposable Batteries are Dangerous 

Want some help pleasing yourself? While hand-powered thrusting can feel amazing, sometimes you just want to lay back after a long day and NOT exert yourself while pleasuring yourself. A dildo that vibrates or thrusts can do the work for you.

Some machine-powered dildos out there are battery operated, while others are rechargeable. As sex machine engineers, we can prove that rechargeable options are superior. Batteries just come with too many risk factors. Are you ready to make the jump to something a little more modern and convenient? We think it’s time.

The Risks Of Battery Usage

Leakage Risk

There are two different ways that a battery might leak. During battery usage, the interior chemistry changes and increases the amount of pressure pushing on the battery walls, sometimes breaking the outer seals. In addition, whether or not a battery has been used, its outer layer may rust and allow leakages to occur. A battery operated dildo that uses alkaline batteries is especially risky because they contain potassium hydroxide, which poses a health hazard to the respiratory system, eyes, and skin if discharged.

Interruption Risk

Ever heard of coitus interruptus? That’s exactly what can happen when you’ve got a battery-powered toy. You might be having the time of your life with your toy when all of a sudden the battery just dies!

Battery life will depend on the type of battery and toy you’re using. There’s no way to know exactly how long that might be. This unpredictability can be a huge drawback to a battery operated dildo. With a rechargeable toy, on the other hand, you can always have a general idea of when the toy needs to be charged.

Pollution Risk

Batteries contain chemicals such as lead, cobalt, chromium, thallium, and other chemicals that have been proven harmful or are potentially harmful to the environment. These chemicals enter soils and water, posing a potential threat to environments crucial not just to animals but also to our own health. You can decrease the harmful impact of your battery use by disposing of them at specialized sites, but most people find this too inconvenient to stick to. With a battery operated dildo, personal pleasure can have negative repercussions far down the line.

Rechargeable Batteries are Better









With a rechargeable dildo there is no leakage risk, less environmental harm done, and less risk of interruption during play. There’s no repeated expense in the form of pesky batteries. No, rechargeable products are not perfect. However, because they are the preferred choice of many modern electronics manufacturers, they will definitely see more improvements in the coming years than battery-powered products will. Even now, they’re a far more convenient and sexy option.

We’re proud that we chose rechargeable technology when designing our Thruster sex toy line.

Ditch Your Battery Operated Dildos!

On each charge, the Velvet Co Thrusters last more than long enough for your roughest romps. Our original toy, The Thruster, lasts for about 8 hours on each charge, while our newer and smaller Mini Thruster lasts for about 2 hours. Whether you’re exploring all the various types of vaginal orgasms or engaging in BDSM play with a partner, this is a toy that can keep up with you. Whereas regular sex machines are huge and can be used only at home, ours can be carried around in a purse, gym bag or backpack.

It’s time to ditch your battery operated dildos. Experience the long-lasting, overpowering thrust of our Thruster sex machines today!