Vibrators present a unique challenge for sex toy designers: they need to have all the electronic components, but they also need to be body-safe and body-cozy. Vibrators on the market are available in all sorts of materials including ABS plastic, jelly, vinyl, and silicone. Sure, each material has its benefits, but we’re firm believers in the silicone vibrator in particular, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about all the sex toy materials out there. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Smooth Life-like Feel

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Plastic can be a safe material (for external use), but it can also feel kind of rigid to the touch. One of the good things about silicone is that it is available in all kinds of consistencies, including squishy but unforgiving and hard but silky smooth. If you want something supple, like a real penis, you can find a vibrator to give you that feeling. If you’re looking for something more firm, there are also pleasantly frictionless silicone vibrators to give you that satisfying feeling.

2. The Temperature Is Right

Vibrators made of plastic and similar materials don’t conform to your body’s temperature quite as well as silicone sex toys can. Just think: medical-grade silicone is used in lots of medical implements designed for long-term use inside the body. It is used in catheters, breast implants, feeding tubes and more due to how relatively comfortable it feels against skin and other tissue. Adapting the same technology for sex toys is only natural.

3. Body-Safe

Most sex toys look safe to use, but looks can be deceiving. Did you know that rubber and jelly are porous materials that trap bacteria over time, creating a risk of infection? Silicone vibrators, on the other hand, are bacteria-repellant and won’t accumulate bacteria as long as you clean them reasonably often and thoroughly. If you use your vibrator anally or vaginally, take special care to protect those warm, moist and infection-prone zones.

4. Easy To Sanitize

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Sex toy cleanability is important, especially if you use your toy often, use it both vaginally and anally, or share it with others. One of the benefits of a silicone vibrator is that it can be cleaned in a variety of ways, including by soap and water, toy cleaner, or boiling (if the toy is waterproof).

5. Any Shape & Feel Is Possible

If you do an online search for silicone sex toys, you’ll realize that they literally do come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Some are simple bullet vibes, while others are prostate massagers or dildos. Since everyone gets their pleasure differently, the versatility of silicone is a big reason why it’s a great material for vibrators. Our Thrusters, for instance, are hybrid vibrator/thrusting dildos that hide all their internal engineering with a flexible silicone outer skin.

Explore Our Silicone Thrusting Vibrators

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Choosing a material for our high-tech Thrusters was a challenge, but we settled on medical-grade silicone because of how great it feels and how body-safe it is. Try our newest toy, Teddy, today and tell us what you think!