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What do the human body and our Thrusters have in common? They’re both complex machines with complicated working parts. Our toys are based on extensive research into male and female pleasure spots. A woman’s sexual anatomy is mostly interior, and there are so many ways to find satisfaction. It’s best to compare vaginal stimulation with clitoral and others for the most satisfying orgasms.

Read on for some of the best ways to use sex toys to stimulate the major women’s erogenous zones!

Clitoral Play

For many women, clitoral stimulation is essential for a satisfying orgasm. Whether you want to create a quick orgasm or add some outside aid to your internal thrust, a bullet vibrator can be an invaluable tool. You can also use your Thruster for clitoral play by teasing it with the shaft before entry.

Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal stimulation is reliably satisfying, but vaginal orgasms typically take a bit more work than clitoral. That being said, this women’s erogenous zone is also 100% worth the work. Don’t just learn the finger massage technique; learn how to get help from toys as well. It makes the job much easier and gives you space to create other sensations using your hands.

A curved vibrating and/or thrusting dildo can also help to reach the G-spot is one of the most effective toys for g-spot play. We designed our Thrusters to curve up to 90˚ so that they could achieve that kind of magic curve… And we hear that they do!

Anal Play

Even minimal anal play can monumentally heighten a woman’s sexual experience. Begin with finger exploration to test the waters, then consider introducing an anal plug for more serious stimulation of this big-kid-only play area. Lovers of hardcore anal sex might also enjoy The Walter, our thrusting dildo designed for backdoor insertion.

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Body Play

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Under no circumstances should you ever neglect the non-genital erogenous zones of women. Every woman will have different preferences when it comes to those. The most prominent zone to take care of is those perky, attention-grabbing nipples and surrounding areolae. Nipple clamps and light electrosex toys can be positively titillating and are perfect for foreplay.

Other zones to pay attention to include thighs, neck, ears, and (sometimes) feet. To bring foreplay sensations beyond simple touch, consider introducing sensation toys such as massage candles, restraints and light impact toys to the bedroom. A little goes a long way!

Enjoy a Powerful Pleasure Toy

The Velvet Thruster is a unisex toy designed to pleasure both men’s and women’s erogenous zones, ideal vaginal stimulation, and more. Now that you know more about where stimulation on the body can turn you or your partner on, you can use it to helps satisfy more than one place at once, or change things up for some kinky variety.

Explore our collection to find out if they’re for you, start with the crowd-pleasing Jackie!