Why Sex Toys are Better than Sex During the Thanksgiving Holiday 

 Look, Thanksgiving (more so Fall in general) is a great time of year, but if I am being completely honest, we could do without some of the sides and trimmings, right? No, not the extra dessert and dinner sides, I’m talking about the drama and grief that often occurs whenever there is any sort of large family gathering. Really, all I want is to enjoy some good food, plenty of wine, and some sexual pleasure. That’s not too much to ask, right?  

Simply put, trying to please people is exhausting. Making small talk and trying to dodge relationship questions from my estranged aunt that tries to insert herself into my life is not at the top of my list. Pleasing myself, however, is easier, faster, and more enjoyable than trying to get someone else to help me get off. These are also times when my favorite secret pleasures are truly appreciated and when I recognize that, in many cases and for many reasons, my silicone sex toys are better than people.   

So, unless you’re in a committed relationship and, for lack of better words, basically obligated to bring your significant other, there’s simply no reason to add to your stress and anxiety surrounding the holidays. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for the best kind of stress-free partner; sex toys.   



  1. People pleasing exhausting

One of the most enjoyable aspects of pleasuring ourselves with sex toys, knowing that when we are done we will be left feeling — satisfied.  That vibrator humming between my legs won't ever complain about getting too much or not enough. Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace in the midst of holiday shopping?   

And yes, my current hook-up buddy is great, but when I need that time alone, and I can't afford to be disappointed, who is more dependable than my favorite vibrator or dildo? There might not be enough time for foreplay. And let's be honest, two people sneaking away for a little pre-dinner intercourse is way more obvious than me going solo. Don't be left wanting, disappointed, or feeling bummed. With your favorite sex toys, good vibes and satisfaction are always guaranteed, and people just can't be counted on for that.   



  1. Sex toys travel for free

Sex toys travel for free, period. No one wants to dish out hundreds of dollars for an awkward experience and mediocre food. Instead, imagine all the different kind of toys you could fit in your suitcase. You could pack for any mood! Your favorite wand massager, clit sucker, butt plug, finger vibrator, and anal beads could all fit with room for more! Just don't forget to pack some lube too! 

No matter how overwhelmed this holiday might make you feel, at least you will feel some relief knowing your best sex toys are just in the other room, hidden away in your suitcase.  They're just waiting for you, ready to make any holiday more enjoyable. Just don't forget to get all your toys ready for travel. If something has batteries, I recommend removing them. Or, if your toy uses a charger, maybe let the battery run out before packing it. This way you can avoid any unwanted airport security inconveniences.  

Even if you do have a significant other, it's still fun to bring a toy or two. This isn't anything against them. Sometimes you just need to have a quickie in the most discreet way possible. Not only is this something that is one of our best guilt-free pleasures, but it is also one of those places where we are allowed and should be a little selfish. If they are into it too, then all the better for everyone. And hey, if they do want to join in on the fun after everyone has gone to bed, then there's nothing like spicing up your sex life in your childhood bedroom. It might feel a little taboo at first, but that just adds to the magic.   



  1. Use those endorphins to stay awake  

Use those endorphins to stay awake. If you are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday entertaining folks and having house guests is tiring work. If you need an energy boost and it's too late to enjoy another coffee, masturbate. A quick orgasm will release a load of endorphins and rejuvenate the mind and body.  

By the way, I have also discovered there is no better way to counter turkey-induced tryptophan naps. There's nothing like some intense vibrations to wake up all those nerve endings in the little bundle of sunshine we call the clitoris, or vibrating stroker for penis owners that leads to climax.  



  1. Avoid over drinking, people are super emotional during holidays

I know that Thanksgiving has been more than trying for me. Some poor folks might even call Thanksgiving traumatic. Forced to spend days or weeks with people who might mean well, but only cause you more anxiety? Sounds fun right? The go-to solution might be to drown yourself in alcohol, and that's not the healthiest coping mechanism. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be drinking, but maybe this way I can avoid blacking out or a debilitating hangover the next day. 

The good news is these times of the year often give us a few more days of vacation and a few more excuses for being "busy." And that can mean more time with those toys that make masturbation amazing, sex exciting, and Thanksgiving tolerable. For an introvert like myself, I might not have survived if it wasn't for some alone time. Add my trusty Thruster plus a rose suction for clitoral stimulation, and my day might be saved.  

Holidays are often synonymous with alcohol and alcoholic parties. There more alcohol your family consumes, the more they feel a right to ask questions they have no business asking. That is a recipe for disaster. So, plan your escape route and charge your toys.  



  1. Because You Owe It to Yourself and You Deserve It 

Are you traveling during the holidays? Working through shopping season? Stuck at you family home, or even at your in-laws? Regardless of your plans, you deserve some self love. So give yourself the gift of a new g-spot dildo, maybe some new cock rings, or that vibe you've had your eye on. Explore new sensations, your body and mind will thank you. 

 Sex toy use is good for the soul! You owe it to yourself, and you deserve it. With options like the Velvet Thruster, penetration and orgasm will take on a whole new meaning. Contact us to learn more about our sex toys and get a little something for you this holiday season too.  


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