Positions to Try with Sex Toys

Sex toys can do wonders for your life in the bedroom, but it takes a little bit of finessing to figure out how best to use them. Some sex positions will be extremely pleasurable, while some will make sex toys impossible. Whether you’re new to having sex using toys or just looking for some new sex positions to try with your toy collection, this list of Velvet Thruster’s favorite sex toy positions just might give you the inspiration you need to keep things hot and lusty.

Sideways 69 Position

Sideways 69 Position

Sideways 69 is one of the best sex positions to use with toys, for all couples. When you just want to have a casual mutual masturbation session, grab a few toys and position your face by their waist, and vice versa. Then, use the toys of your choice to pleasure your partner into a great time. You’re in the perfect position to use most types of sex toys in this position, so get frisky however you like! With complete access and control over your partner’s crotch, you can get as generous or punishing as they ask for.

To get the most relaxation and intimacy you can out of this position, rest your heads on one another’s thighs as you play.

Spoon Position

Another classic and very relaxing sex position you can use with toys is the spoon position. The small spoon in this position has the greatest access to stimulate themselves using a vibrator, or your partner can help out! A pleasurable mix of cuddles, penetration, and toys, the spoon position will deliver an intimate evening that is sure to leave you and your partner smiling dreamily at each other at breakfast the next morning.

Doggy Style

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Doggy style is a beloved sex position that feels great for all parties involved and also offers a delicious, naughty butt-slapping power dynamic. While men primarily take up the rear in doggy style, women can also get in that position by using this sex position with strap-on toys. In doggy style, the person in front will be in an ideal situation to play with themselves by hand or with another toy. Adapt this classic sex position to the way you like it and start using sex toys to make it more intense!

face sitting

Give your partner a healthy dose of consensual domination by sitting on their face and adding whatever sex toys you like into the mix! Women: use a vibrating or thrusting toy inside your vagina as your partner licks away to get all the best sensations at once. Anyone could also get help from a butt plug to make the oral sex that much more intense. The person being sat on also has options – they can be taken care of by a toy of their own. With added help from a toy such as one of Velvet Thruster’s thrusting dildos, you can even get the feeling of having a threesome with just the two of you. Face-sitting is a sex position that takes some practice to use with toys, but it’s a great way to change things up once you’ve gotten used to using toys during sex.

Lotus Position

The lotus position is yet another sex position offering plenty of intimacy and pleasure for both people. In this position, one person sits in the other's lap, facing them. It’s a great position for either anal or vaginal sex, as well as hugging and making out. This can be a tricky position, but when you get it right, the reward will be an extremely hot and steamy time! Using your favorite sex toys, play with yourselves or each other while making eye contact.

New To Sex Using Toys?

Our list of the best sex positions to use with toys is great for sex toy beginners. If you and your partner are just starting to bring sex toys into your bedroom, one of the most helpful things you can do to ease the transition is to find positions where you can both be comfortable, relaxed, and ready to experiment.

Try These Positions With The Thruster!

Walter thrusting anal sex toy

The great thing about using toys during sex is that you can create almost any kind of sensation that suits you and your partner. Whether you want added thrust, vibration, tickle, heat, or even a little shock, there are toys you can use to create the feeling. Sex toys can be really powerful for their size. Vibrators, for instance, are typically tiny, but they have revolutionized sex for women. It’s no wonder they’re so popular!

If you and your partner make a little effort to find the positions that work for you, then you’ll be able to embark on a journey to the far reaches of erotic enjoyment. If you’re a sex veteran and can’t get enough sex toys in your life, you simply must try these awesome, romantic positions with the Velvet Thruster. Try these sex positions with a toy that never fails to deliver!

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