Squirt From Home: The Ultimate YouTube Self-Play Inspo List

Self Love and Sex Toys

The most erotic place on earth is the fantasy realm within your own mind. It’s well accepted that fantasy is, in fact, good for you. From inspiring creative problem solving to sparking inner joy, fantasy is a powerful means of embodied escapism, if we may. Some days you just want to pull up your favorite dirty movie and join in with the adult stars you love, other days you want to tease your imagination open with inspiring, sexy, non-porn videos ahead of your self-pleasure session.

Enter YouTube and the ultimate sexy clip list. We rounded up music video and movie clips to gas up your engine that leave plenty to the imagination. 

#5. Lip Service

There’s nothing like riding your lover’s face to build up heat before they lay you flat on your back and bring you over the edge. Who’s lips are better to inspire oral reverie than the undeniably suggestive D’Angelo? We love How Does It Feel for setting the mood sonically and visually. Try light flicks with your finger or long, slow, heavily lubed up strokes to mimic sensations of oral. You can use both hands to get it right while your Teddy slides in and out 

#4. Ride Him Till You Giggle

Cowgirl positions are good for your health, prove me wrong! Sitting upright with a tall, open heart is an invigorating way to get off midday (or anytime, really) for a delightful energy boost. It’s definitely better for your overall wellness than having another cup of coffee. Set your thruster up with the Prime Suction Cup on the floor, cue up Richard Gere and Debra Winger in the hottest cowgirl scene of all time, and ride all the way to climax with thrusting g-spot stimulations. Bonus: your hands are free to stimulate your other pleasure centers, keep going til you get the giggles. Afterall, it’s scientifically proven that laughter is good for you

#3. Forbidden Fruit

Who’s up for a little ass play inspired by irreverent high art? Ride the stripper pole all the way to underworld sodomy with the music video that broke the internet this year.  Since it’s been established that anal sex is good for you, bring the practice into your self play routine. This is a self play location with a high return on investment: the more time you spend giving love and attention to that hole, the more you’ll enjoy playing with it. Customize your own ultimate anal toy with the Build Your Own Prime option, we love the Walter head and a long reach handle for ultimate anal stimulation. The graduated bead shape of the head will stimulate and open your hole like no other. Remember, lots of lube and try it on hands and knees, on your back, or any other variation until you find your perfect position.  

#2. Dripping Wet

Who doesn’t remember Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in a pool; kissing and fondling? The slick-wet-skin on slick-wet-skin is iconic fantasy fodder.  Get your underwater fantasy play on with the Teddy Mini, its built-in suction cup fixes perfectly to your shower or bathtub wall. The benefits of showers, and of course waterplay, are numerous. We love an efficient self-play scene, too. You’ll emerge from your Wild Things inspired session fresh and clean and ready to take on the world. 

#1. Dominate or Be Dominated

Christine, of Christine and the Queens, knows how to get you in the mood for power play. We love the 5 Dollars video because she invites you into the fantasy but lets you fill it in yourself. The song itself is a sexy AF bop, be prepared to be moved to dance while you gear up in your favorite leather accoutrements. Cinch a leather belt around your waist or your ankles. You can even bind your hands together with another belt and take a face-down/ass-up position for a little doggy style with your Teddy XL affixed to the wall behind you with its strong suction base. Multiple orgasms may ensue, regardless of which hole you use. 

What are your favorite over-the-counter sweat producing scenes to get off to? Comment below so we can include them in our next roundup!

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