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Of all the things that inspire us to get out of the bed in the morning, orgasms are near the top of the list. In this blog post, we’d like to take some time to appreciate the full range of satisfying internal orgasms that vaginas can experience, whether through self-exploration with a vaginal sex toy or otherwise.

One of the most beautiful but challenging aspects of vaginal orgasms is that there is no clear-cut method that will work for everyone. Everybody is different, and prefer different types of stimulation. Some won’t achieve vaginal orgasm easily, while others won’t be able to achieve it at all. Through our experience and those of our friends, though, we’ve concluded that most of those who try – ACTUALLY try – do succeed in reaching vaginal orgasm.

If you do indeed decide that you want vaginal orgasms, sex toys are a great place to begin or enhance your exploration. They give you the freedom to get acquainted with your body at your own pace. Get excited, because we’re about to help you find the best vibrator or other vaginal sex toy for your orgasm goals.

Three Types Of Vaginal Orgasms, Explained

Vaginal orgasm is more complex than it sounds; it generally won’t come out of a simple thrusting in and out. A little more strategy is often needed. There are three main ways that sexually active women generally claim to have achieved vaginal orgasm: via the G-spot, A-spot, or with a little help from the clitoris. Learn where these zones are located to figure out what shapes and sizes to look for in your sex toys!

G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is an erogenous zone that can be located by inserting your fingers or vaginal sex toy 2.5-3 inches into your vagina and feeling the anterior side. Stimulate it in a “come hither” motion – if you feel pleasure oddly tinged with a desire to pee, you’ve found the right spot. G-spot orgasms may or may not involve squirting.

A-Spot Orgasm

Attempt the A-spot orgasm if you’re looking for one of those long-lasting full-body orgasms and a hefty oxytocin release. Find the A-spot on the anterior of the cervix, the opening that leads from your vagina to uterus. A longer vaginal sex toy is recommended to help you reach it. Make sure you’re in a very relaxed state before trying to enjoy A-spot stimulation and keep in mind that the cervical area can become quite sensitive before, during and after menstruation.

Blended Orgasms

If you’re finding it difficult to achieve orgasm through G-spot or A-spot stimulation alone, try combining it with clitoral stimulation - just make sure not to focus too much on the clitoris or you may miss out on the lovely internal sensations that are going on.

Orgasmic Vaginal Sex Toys – The Lineup

It takes a high-quality, well-designed vaginal vibrator or dildo to stroke your interior to orgasm. Some toys are best for one type or vaginal orgasm, while some will be capable of more than one. We’ll talk about the perks of some of our favorite vaginal toys to help you choose your own.

Best For Male-Female Couples – Vibrating Penis Rings

One of the major reasons why women become interested in vaginal orgasms and sex toys is because they hope for better intercourse. Orgasms, after all, lead not just to physical pleasure but also to feelings of intimacy.

To make orgasms more likely during intercourse, try adding a vibrating penis ring to the mix. Not only does it keep a penis harder for longer, but it also vastly increases the amount of stimulation the penis provides to the vagina. It makes the whole penis vibrate! This is extremely helpful because both G-spot and A-spot orgasm depend on intense, continual stimulation. Vary up the penetration angle to achieve either A-spot or G-spot vaginal orgasm using this sex toy.

Best For G-Spot Orgasms – G-Spot Wands/Vibrators

There is an impressive range of vaginal vibrators on the market designed specifically for G-spot play. Designed with an ample curve and average length suitable for G-spot stimulation, these toys help you deliver powerful vibration and rubbing to your erogenous zone. If vibration is a sensation that you like, then look for a G-spot vibrator.

Want to get to orgasm through massage alone? Vibration is by no means necessary in a vaginal sex toy for G-spot play. Non-vibrating wands (such as the famous metal Njoy Pure Wand) give you serious control and pressure that are more than enough to get you off.

Best For A-Spot Orgasms – Long Dildo

Unlike G-spot toys, A-spot toys should be long, barely curved, and tapered, not too thick, at the tip. You need a toy that reaches all the way to the deepest parts of your vagina—but that doesn’t hit your sensitive cervix—as well as the pleasurable A-spot. Looking for a suitable dildo? We recommend massagers of body-safe silicone or glass. Add lots of lube, and get exploring.

Best For Blended Orgasms – Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators designed specifically for G-spot stimulation are a great vaginal sex toy for blended orgasms. Most models will provide separate controls for the dildo and vibrator portions, allowing you to control what degree of intensity you need to achieve orgasm.

You can also try c-shaped vaginal vibrators, which clamp to the front of the vagina and stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris, no hands necessary.

Perfect Your Position With Sex Furniture

Sex toys aren’t the only tools out there that can help you achieve vaginal orgasms. The angle of penetration is also extremely important. In general, you want to be in a relaxing position, preferably on your back. For A-spot orgasms in particular, you might want to try a position in which your knees are lifted so that the distance from your vaginal opening to the cervix is shortened.

Use the following types of tools in conjunction with your vaginal sex toys to get in a position that’s more conducive to comfort and orgasms:

On Your Back – Sex Wedges

A lifted rump helps make your G-spot more accessible and ready for play. Place a pillow or sex wedge underneath your derriere to help achieve more direct access to the erogenous zone.

Doggy Style – Support Strap

Doggy style is one of the best positions to get into if your goal is to reach vaginal orgasm with a partner. It can often take a while to coax your vagina to orgasm, and a doggy style strap can help lessen the burden on both partners.

Using The Thruster For Vaginal Orgasms

Designed for use by all genders, Velvet Thruster sex toys are great for vaginal use. Our powerful toys are 2-in-1 vibrators and sex machines. In designing our machines, we aimed to contain the thrust of floor-standing sex machines in a portable body that can be used daily in the bedroom or on-the-go.

The Thrusters are definitely not your mother’s vaginal vibrator. They provide automatic thrust at up to 140 thrusts per minute and offer a range of possible angles up to 90˚. In other words, they make awesome sex toys for vaginal orgasms. Program the right speed and angle into your machine and get ready to experience hardcore thrust capable of bringing you to orgasm, as many times as you want. Use them alone or incorporate them into intercourse – double penetration has never been easier.

The Right Thruster For You

We offer four different iterations of The Thruster, each of which is designed to work with your anatomy in a unique way. There’s the dildo-shaped Jackie, bulbous Frankie, beaded Walter (for anal use), and tapered Abbey. Aside from the anal-specific Walter, all toys are designed for vaginal use.

Best For G-Spot Orgasms – The Frankie

frankie velvet thruster sex toy

We recommend Frankie if you’re looking for a vaginal sex toy for G-spot stimulation. The large surface area of its head will deliver the powerful massage that this zone needs. Try Jackie at a curved angle – you may also want to keep some of its shaft outside of you so that it hits at just the right spot.

Best For A-Spot Orgasms – The Abbey

abbey velvet thruster sex toy

For A-spot orgasms, we recommend The Abbey, with its thinner and more targeted head. Position the retro-inspired dildo all the way inside your vagina and give it a minimal curve so that it hits your A-spot.

Best For All-Around Pleasure – The Jackie

Finally, for versatile play, there’s the Jackie. Choose our traditionally phallic vaginal sex toy if you’re looking to explore every kind of vaginal orgasm rather than just one.

If you’re looking for a blended orgasm, try using any of our thrusting toys while pressing a bullet vibe to your clitoris, too!

Shop Sex Machines For Vaginal Orgasms

Thrust is by no means necessary for sexual pleasure, but it is definitely necessary for vaginal orgasms. It’s time to give your clitoral vibrator a break and explore serious internal vaginal pleasure. Shop our Thrusters today and discover the new dimension that powerful sex toys can bring to women.