Holiday Gifts for (and from) Your Lover that Don't Cost a Thing.

All that glitters and glitzes may be on your honey’s wishlist, but how about some TLC, 15 ways? These no-cost gifts are huge investments in your relationships. You can give them to yourself. To your spouse. To your partner(s). Share this blog with your friends and gift them the idea of no-cost, intimacy-building gifts.

The Sexperts really came through this time. So cozy up by the fire, get your scrapbooking supplies out (or a legal pad and a pen, you do you) and get gifting. 


Julieta Chiara:

  1. MassageA massage may seem simple, but it's the most relaxing way to give to each other without needing to reciprocate. Set the mood with some candles, sexy music, and a soothing massage oil. 

  1. Eye-Gazing. Eye gazing is one of the most intimate things I've ever done! Sitting in each other's laps, look into each other's eyes for 1-5 minutes. Smile, laugh, cry, enjoy anything that comes up - it will make you feel infinitely closer. 

  1. Sexy scavenger hunt. Have toys or experiences you want to give your partner in the bedroom? Set up a sexy scavenger hunt with a sexy prize for every part they accomplish!

  1. Sensual breath work. Getting back into our bodies after the holidays can be hard - sensual breath work brings you back in. Paired with eye-gazing, continue to sit in each other's laps. Taking a deep breath in for 6 seconds, envision a ball of energy being pulled from your pelvic floor to the top of your head with a good squeeze. When ready to exhale, let out a long 6 second moan. Repeat until you both feel activated and present!

  1. Sensation Play. Blindfolding your partner, treat them to a variety of relaxing sensations like massage, toys, smells, music, tickles, etc to keep them on their toes. Pair with eye-gazing and sensual breathwork to make a full experience.


Super Smash: 

  1. A "pep toolbox" of uplifting videos, content creators, songs, and articles in one Google Doc. Sending memes is a contemporary love language, right? When people tell me, "You would love _____," it's "out of sight, out of mind," plus digital media nowadays easily gets lost in the void. Keep record of their favorite scenes and snippets, like a time capsule.

  2. Special spice blends, baking mixes, or liquor infusions. If they love cooking or baking, you can streamline and personalize the process by combining powders in one container and liquids in another with unique flavors they love. 

  3. Or take the previous gift a step further by meal-prepping for them. If you love cooking and they don't, cooking for them is a sweet way to offer up your talents.

  4. A "private podcast" episode of things you appreciate about them. Start their day off right with devoted, replayable attention, even if they're on their commute to work or passing time in a waiting room. Or help them wind down with a soothing sleep affirmation recording.

  5.  A "bucket list" or bingo board of activities you and them would enjoy doing together. There's room for looking back and looking forward to the life you'll build together.

Rachel Wright:

  1. A Jar of Compliments & Memories. Write down things you love about the person you're giving the present too and memories you love with them. You could even label it "Happy Things About You and Us"

  2. A Book of Sexy IOUs. This could be anything from doing a household chore or a sex act (whatever feels sexy to you!!). Write them down and staple them into a book, or even make it digital. 

  3. Make them a folder of "Read This When…" Letters. This is a fun way to write tons of envelopes with different scenarios. Example: "read this when you're feeling sad," or "read this when you're feeling jealous," or "read this when you feel scared." and write up a bunch of letters to reassure and compliment your partner.

  4. Schedule an at home spa night with massages 

  5. down to talk about your fantasies. and schedule one if you want to act it out in real life on the calendar :)


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