Meet Teddy: The Thruster XL Review


Looking for a satisfying experience unlike any other? Get ready to meet Teddy — specifically, The Thruster Teddy XL by Velvet Thruster, a captivating and powerful thrusting dildo that stands strong and tall above other competitors in the adult toy market.


This innovative device promises to elevate your intimate experiences to a whole new level of enjoyment, delivering unparalleled vaginal orgasms thanks to its groundbreaking design and technology.


In this comprehensive review, we'll explore everything about The Thruster “Teddy” XL, reviewing its enticing features, unique specifications, and the delightful benefits it offers. Based on our hands-on experience and thorough research, we'll give you an engaging and insightful look at this extraordinary thrusting dildo that stands out as one of the larger members of The Thruster family.


Initial Impressions


When you first glance at The Thruster’s Teddy XL box, you’re greeted by an inviting array of bright and enticing colors featuring a slightly smaller-than-scale picture of Teddy and some core facts about the device itself on a slick matte finish.


Upon opening it, you’ll notice that everything is neatly packaged, with the Teddy in a soft plastic wrapper, and the traditional 12V A.C. charger in its own dedicated bubble wrap. On top of this, there’s a simple and clear instruction card designed to get you going.


To begin experiencing the unrivaled pleasure The Thruster’s Teddy XL has to offer, remove the device and charger from their packaging, connect the charger to Teddy’s charging port (located opposite the control buttons on the base), and then plug the charger into a standard outlet. Once it’s done, you’re ready to play!


Design and Aesthetics


The Teddy XL boasts a well-thought-out design and aesthetic appeal, contributing to its exceptional performance and usability. Thruster has carefully ensured that every aspect of Teddy looks captivating and serves a functional purpose, making it an essential addition to your adult toy collection.


The Thruster “Teddy“ XL is crafted using high-quality, body-safe silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easy to clean. This premium material provides a soft, velvety-smooth texture that feels incredibly lifelike and comfortable, adding to the overall pleasure experience.


Available in a variety of colors, including mint green, lilac zen, beautiful black, and morrocan red, Teddy stands out from other adult toys with its bold and enticing appearance. Measuring 9.5 inches in total length, the Teddy XL offers 6.5 inches of insertable length, 2.3” of thrust, and a girth of 1.5 inches. Its generous size ensures deep, fulfilling stimulation, while the anatomically accurate shape, complete with a pronounced head and subtle veining, actively enhances the realistic feel and sensation.


Velvet decided on a minimalist and user-friendly control panel located on the base or handle, letting you easily power the device on or off. The intuitive design ensures seamless adjustments, enabling users to tailor their experience to their desires.


Thrusting Capabilities


As one of the larger members of The Thruster family, you naturally expect the Teddy XL to excel at thrusting, and it delivers in a big way! As mentioned, it features an insertable length of 6 inches with up to 2.3 inches of expandable thrust, offering a deep and full-feeling sexual experience.


All thrusting dildos feature an accordion-like section that allows the device to extend and retract within itself. Some manufacturers opt to have it on the bottom and others near the top, each offering unique advantages and drawbacks. The Teddy XL features this portion toward the bottom of the dildo, helping to prevent potential pinching and offering a longer insertable length.


The Teddy XL features a powerful no-stall motor offering 6 distinct thrusting speeds, so you can tailor the amount of sustained penetration to the exact pace you’re looking for. Whether it’s a slower, more traditional speed, or balls-to-the-wall full-on fast-paced fucking — the Teddy XL delivers.


This robust thrusting dildo can pump out an impressive 128 strokes per minute on its highest setting. However, it’s important to note that when pressure is applied under actual insertion and usage, it’s closer to around 80 strokes a minute, which is still a mighty impressive pace to sustain!


Battery Life and Charging


The Thruster “Teddy“ XL is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery, that way you only need to worry about occasional recharging rather than having extra sets of batteries around. This offers greater versatility in your play, allowing you to enjoy longer sessions without worry.


The Teddy XL features up to 6 hours of continuous usage on a single charge, allowing for extended sexual sessions along with the ability to get multiple sessions out of a single charge. The device arrives partially charged when you receive it, although we highly advise charging it to completion before your first use.


After connecting the Teddy to its charger and plugging it into an outlet, you’ll notice a solid red LED on the charger itself — once it turns green, you’re ready to get going! Because the device arrives partially charged, the initial charging time is relatively quick, and may be finished in under 30 minutes. Subsequent charges from depleted will take about 1-2 hours each.


Using The Teddy XL


Using The Thruster “Teddy“ XL is simple and straightforward, with a solid focus on providing a consistent sexual experience. After you’ve charged the battery full, you turn it on by pressing the dedicated power button located above the charging port.


A single press powers it on, and a single press will turn it off again, although it will cycle through the current thrust until it reaches its base position again. You can turn it off suddenly by holding the button down while it’s running, but this could leave it in an extended position, which can make storage difficult and may even damage your device.


The Teddy XL features a thoughtfully designed ergonomic base that makes it easy to hold and control during use. This base ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for precise positioning and maneuverability, so you or a partner can hit that perfect spot and pace consistently, even during the most intense moments of pleasure.


It also features a powerful suction cup on the bottom of the base for stationary play, which easily holds up on a variety of surfaces, including tile, glass, wood, metal, and more. This allows for a hands-free experience and lets you explore with a wider array of angles and positions to explore and see what satisfies you the most.


While the Teddy XL is made completely of body-safe, medical-grade, water-resistant silicone, we recommend generously using a premium water-based lube in every one of your sessions. This not only enhances play but helps to make it safer at the same time, whether you’re using the device on yourself or playing with a partner. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants, as these can ruin Teddy’s delicate body-safe material.


Cleaning and Maintenance


The Teddy XL is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep it in pristine condition for many years to come. Doing so is important not only for the overall integrity and performance of the unit itself but is also vital for your health and safety.


Its water-resistant body can be easily cleaned with some mild soap and warm water, taking very gentle care to not get the base of the unit itself wet, especially around the charging port. For a deeper bacteria-free clean, we recommend using a dedicated sex toy cleaner that’s safe for silicone.


Pros and Cons of The Thruster “Teddy” XL


To help provide a well-rounded and honest overview of The Thruster “Teddy” XL, we must explore its potential advantages and drawbacks.



  • The Thruster sex toy offers exceptional thrust compared to competitors, delivering deep, sustained penetration that is unmatched in a handheld product.
  • Varying speeds offer greater thrusting potential, offering options from something slower and more sustained to raw, fast-paced power.
  • The Thruster “Teddy” XL can flex while extended, which makes it easy to use and fun to position comfortably.
  • Battery lasted forever, I still haven’t charged it.



  • At full speed “Teddy” XL can be kind of loud while actively operating.
  • The suction cup could be bigger for such a powerful device.


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The Thruster "Teddy" XL has proven to be a groundbreaking addition to the adult toy market, offering users an irresistible blend of innovation, performance, and aesthetics. With its body-safe silicone construction, and eye-catching, ergonomic design, the Teddy XL ensures both comfort and pleasure in equal measure.


This thrusting dildo’s powerful thrusting capabilities set it apart from the competition, delivering a thrilling, lifelike experience that caters to a wide range of preferences and desires. Its user-friendly controls and versatile functionality make it suitable for both beginners and seasoned users alike.