Cleaning and Care of Silicone Sex Toys

If only taking care of our sex toys were as fun and exciting as using them, we’d be leaping out of bed to do it, every time. It seems really unfair that something as pleasurable can also carry a risk of bacterial infection, but that’s just the world we live in. These are some of the best ways to clean sex toys, including silicone dildos and vibrators like the Velvet Thruster or Mini Thruster. That will help prevent STIs, UTIs, and other unfriendly infections.

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Sex Toy Cleaning Methods

The Best Cleaning Methods
Wash with Warm Water & Soap Simplest and effective. Clears away nearly all bacteria and most viruses. If you’re washing a toy that’s only water-resistant, like the Velvet Thruster, do not completely submerge it in the water.
Wash with Sex Toy Cleaner Made to remove all bacteria and viruses without the risk of soap residue irritating private areas. Many are spray-on with the qualities of liquid or foam.
Cleaning Methods to Avoid
Basic Rinse with Water May be acceptable for fleshlights and other non-penetrative toys, but it doesn’t do enough to clean penetrative pleasure products.
Dishwasher This would practically submerge toys like the Velvet Thruster, which would break them. Not recommended for other sex toys due to the high heat involved.
Boiling Definitely don’t boil your thruster. The high temperatures can also warp nearly any silicone toy.

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Knowing how to clean your silicone sex toys isn’t enough, of course - you have to get in the habit, too! Make a commitment to keeping your naughty bits healthy so that no pesky infections come along. That would definitely put a wrench in your sex life!

For a toy as intensely penetrative as Velvet Co.’s Thruster, you must take extra care to clean it thoroughly..

Why Clean Your Sex Toy??

Learning how to clean silicone sex toys is important, and we recommend that you wash (or at least wipe) any penetrative toys after every use. This is especially important if you use them for anal penetration or are sharing with someone else.

Risk Of Disease Transmission


Yeast infections, HIV, and HPV can all be transmitted from one person to another via sex toys if not properly cleaned and cared for. Try to wash your toy every time it switches users unless you’re very close to your partner and assume that risk. More about how to clean silicone sex toys in this scenario later on.

Risk Of Infection

Even if you only use your sex toy for solo play, you should still make sure to wash it after use. They can weaken and introduce bacteria to those delicate, intimate areas of the body, creating a risk of infection.

How To Clean A Silicone Dildo 

Cleaning silicone sex toy dishwasher

To clean most sex toys, you simply have to wash them with warm water and soap or a quality sex toy cleaning fluid. As always, the best way to clean your sex toy is with an antibacterial agent, whether soap or spray. Studies suggest that even if a sex toy is washed, some viruses may remain on a vibrator, dildo for 24 hours after cleaning – please exercise caution when using any intimate pleasure product.

This process is important for the Truster and different from how to clean other silicone sex toys. The Thruster has a motorized extending thrusting body, and cannot be completely submerged in water. Read your instructions, you can use the power button to stop the thrusting motion wherever you like. You should extend the dildo completely for cleaning. This allows you to easily wash it in your sink with warm water and soap using your hands. Use caution to avoid getting water directly into the vent holes on the housing handle. These holes are needed to eject air from the back and forth motion while our thrusting sex toy is in use.

If you’re sharing your Thruster or using it for anal play, then consider buying a disinfectant sex toy spray to wash it with. There is a variety available at To put it away, use the power button to collapse the thrusting sex toy for storage in a clean, dry place – the black box that your Thruster arrives with is the perfect place.

How To Store A Clean Silicone Dildo

For some reason, silicone seems to be particularly good at attracting dust. After cleaning your silicone sex toy, don’t let it sit and gather up dust and bacteria all over again! The best way to have a clean sex toy ready for your next use is to tuck away in its box and keep it in a clean and dry place.

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Extra Tip: Use The Right Lube

Now that you know how to clean your silicone sex toys, brush up on your lube choice. For the Thruster we prefer water-based lubes – they clean and dry easiest. Silicone lube is also ok, It will not hurt your thruster because we use the highest quality platinum silicone for our pleasure products, but your thrusting sex toy will take longer to clean after use. If you are hearing that silicone will eat away your silicone toy, then it is cheap silicone material and despite your best efforts will degrade quickly as it ages. We also recommend users stay away from oil-based lubes, they do not clean up well and could leave a residue which would allow particles to stick to it will be stored.

The Best Ways To Clean Your Favorite Sex Toys

Knowing how to clean your silicone sex toys will not only keep you healthy, but also maximize the lifespan of your sex toys. Keep wear and tear and stains at bay by washing your toy. We know you’ll want to keep using the unique high-tech Thruster for as long as you can, and a little washing goes a long way! Read more about cleaning and maintenance on our FAQ page.

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