The female G-spot, once so elusive, is not so hard-to-get anymore with some help from the right sex toys. Penetrative toys such as our pleasurable Thrusters can hit your G-spot and make all your masturbation or couples play more stimulating, as well as more likely to induce orgasm. Of course, orgasms are part of the experience of sex. The way you get there can make all the difference.

If you want to learn how to get (or give) a better vaginal orgasm, you can learn to use sex toys to stimulate the G-spot and have orgasmic fun of all kinds. Read on to find out how to hit your G-spot with sex toys!

What is The G-Spot?

The G Spot

Among female erogenous zones, the G-spot is like royalty. It has a humble size and appearance: it is a sensitive coin-sized area in the anterior of the vagina that has a texture resembling a moist little walnut. Anatomically, it is considered an interior extension of the clitoris. Some believe that the G-spot can induce female orgasm, and some even believe that the right G-spot stimulation can cause women to squirt! No wonder people everywhere try to master the G-spot. Whether or not these capabilities of the G-spot are true, one thing is for certain: hitting the G-spot gives you a delicious, sensual tingly feeling that you can’t get anywhere else. Use sex toys to awaken your g-spot and increase your range of sensations!

G-Spot Pleasure Techniques

You can hit your G-spot with your fingers or toys. Lying on your back, insert two fingers inside with fingertips facing up. Once you’ve found your most sensitive spot, bend your fingers in a repeated “come here” motion to stimulate the area. Many women can get an orgasm just by doing this, but don’t fret if you aren’t one of those women! Many intense sex toys are designed just to hit your G-spot. Perhaps you’d enjoy a dildo that is specially curved to hit your G-spot every time. Or, for an easier, more automated time that gives you more pleasure with less work, you can try a flexible thrusting dildo for powerful penetration every time.

Hone In On The G-Spot

frankie bending velvet thruster

The female G-spot is an elusive but rewarding area that may hold the secret to female sexual pleasure and vaginal orgasms. We’ll be keeping an eye on scientific research on this particular topic, for sure! The male counterpart, the prostate or “male G-spot,” is also worth finding and enjoying. Find out exactly what makes your body tick for a healthier sex life and a happier you!

Sex toys can help you enjoy your G-spot and other zones. Shop high-tech sex toys by Velvet Thruster for some intense, unapologetic help that you’re sure to enjoy.

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