What Makes a Sex Toy Easy to Use?

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With so many sex toys on the market today, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worthy of your attention. At Velvet Thruster, we’re experienced sex toy shoppers as well as makers. When we go out to “hunt” for our next pleasure tool, there’s a checklist of sorts that we follow. Our search revolves around three main questions: Is the toy body-safe? Is it fun to use? Finally, is the sex toy easy to use? We may be engineers, but we definitely aren’t in love with instruction manuals.

We’ve done plenty of blog posts on sex toy safety already (read more about safe use here and more about safe materials here), but nothing yet on how to tell if a toy is easy to just pick up and use – and how to tell if a toy will give you easy orgasms. Orgasms aren’t the only goal of masturbation, but what good is a toy that can’t help get you there when you really want to? Not much, in our opinion. So here it is: a guide for finding sex toys that are easy and positively orgasmic to use.

For Penetrative Toys: Angle Of Impact

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Depending on what you intend to use your toy for (i.e. anal or vaginal), different angles will be easier to insert and operate. While your personal preferences will depend on your anatomy, certain shapes have proven to be general crowd pleasers. Match your toy shape to the following intended uses to get started.

  • Vaginal (G-Spot): Generously curved toys of moderate length and with bulbous/thick ends are your best bet;
  • Vaginal (A-Spot): Long toys with slight curves or curves at the end will hit the spot;
  • Anal: Razor-straight or slightly curved dildos or plugs are the easiest anal sex toys to use;
  • Prostate: Look for a bulbous tip or extreme curve. Prostate massagers work best;
  • Strapless Pegging Dildos: The internal (vaginal) bulb and dildo end should be at about an 80˚ angle for ideal comfort during penetration;
  • Double Penetration (For Couples): The more flexible, the better!

We wanted our Thrusters to work for as many anatomies as possible, in as many positions as possible. That’s why we gave our sex toys easy adjustable angle settings with up to 90˚ of bend!

For Electronic Toys: Rechargeability

Nowadays, we expect most of our portable electronics to be rechargeable and cordless, and for good reason – batteries are wasteful, while cords get in the way. For easy orgasms that suit your lifestyle, we recommend you look for rechargeable options for all your electronic toys such as bullet vibrators, wand vibrators, prostate vibrators, and vibrating dildos.

When designing our Thrusters, we wanted to create easy sex toys that could be taken virtually anywhere and that would last for as long as their users could. That’s why we made them rechargeable by USB cable, with a long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours. Considering the fact that their speeds go up to 140 thrusts per minute, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished!

For Vibrators/Thrusters: User-Friendly Speed Controls

velvet thruster controller and charger

Many vibrators on the market today offer more than one speed, which is a very good thing. Changing up the speed and/or pattern of vibration can bring you from teasing start to full-blown finish. That being said, it’s no easy task to find sex toys with lots of speed settings that are compact as well as user-friendly. Choose a clumsily designed vibrator and you’ll feel like you’re working a Morse code transmitter.

When shopping for a varied speed toy, look for two main things: the placement of controls and the ease of getting to the speed you want. Make sure that you can easily reach the controls with your hand when the toy is in place. And while it can truly be difficult to cycle through up to 10 speed settings on a varied speed toy, we’ve come up with an easy solution in our Thruster sex toys: we color-coded our speeds so that it’s easy for you to get to the ones that make you orgasm!

For All Toys: Low-Maintenance Materials

Sex toys should be a breeze to maintain as well as to use. We suggest you pay extra attention to ease of maintenance and cleaning especially when shopping for anal toys, which are particularly susceptible to contamination.

In general, avoid porous materials (jelly, PVC, latex, silicone blends etc.), which are impossible to fully sanitize. Some materials, such as silicone blends, can melt when placed in warm temperatures, so you may want to avoid those.

Non-porous materials such as stainless steel, borosilicate glass and stone won’t absorb bacteria and are easy to sanitize (i.e. through boiling). Another safe and easy bet for sex toys is medical-grade silicone, which is not just velvety soft but heat resistant and very easy to sanitize.

For All Toys: Multifunctionality

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While we’re always willing to splurge on life-changing new sex toys, our sex toy budgets aren’t bottomless. That’s why we love finding toys that can be used in multiple ways. Vibrating cock rings, for instance, can be used either during intercourse or during women’s solo play. Most dildos (our Thrusters included) can be used for vaginal and anal play alike, too, but we highly recommend you select easily sanitizable materials if you hope to do dual-purpose those. Other multifunctional toys include bullet vibes and wand vibes, which can massage erogenous zones all over the body.

Shop The Thruster For Intense & Easy Orgasms, Your Way

Next time you go sex toy shopping, look for these five characteristics that make sex toys easy to use. Some toys, such as the hardcore kind, can take more of a learning curve to use correctly and safely, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to take that plunge.

Though our Thrusters fall into that hardcore category, they actually are very easy sex toys to get the hang of and start using right away. For kinksters that can’t be sated with a regular vibrator or dildo, our toys can easily fill the gaps you’ve been feeling in the bedroom. Browse the collection today to pick your favorite model.

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