A Healthy Ménage-a-Trois with Teddy Mini Thruster

We moved to this place for the view over the water. At night, Manhattan sparkles and there’s a breeze on the balcony. It almost feels like floating on a cloud. When we were younger, we lived in crowded, noisy spots on the Lower East Side and later South Williamsburg. The train used to rattle past our apartment every 20 minutes or so until it got late. But the noise, the city clamor, trained our babies to sleep well through just about anything. They’re older now. City kids for sure, but summer’s upstate with their grandparents and, now, sleep away camp and college—they know the soothing sounds of crickets and tree frogs just as well as the honking and trash trucks of city-song.

Tonight, I’m on the terrace, eyes closed in the quiet above the heat of the pavement. I take a few deep breaths and sigh them out as my yoga instructor always says. The breeze toys with the hem of my dress. Some might think it is short for a woman my age but I look hot as fuck in a paper-thin crossover dress. Part garden party, part summertime girl next door. I’ve come to think of my wardrobe as a bit of a marital aid, and it makes me giggle to myself. 

That breeze comes in a little stronger, the soft, linen-like fabric laps at my inner thighs and I widen my stance a bit—so I can feel it on my outer lips. There’s a juiciness that I know is about to come and the anticipation of the wetness makes me wet in and of itself. How meta, I think. 

Do I have time to Masturbate


Before my husband gets home? Do I even want to? It’s so much more fun when he watches. 

I know my hubs is going to be home soon, and the text he sent was a little clumsy, even for an apple watch, so I’m sure he’s had a few with his friends. It’s a little tradition, the dads go out for whiskey and beyond burgers the first Friday of every month, but they’re always home by 9. When we were kids, we would have laughed so hard about that. First Fridays used to be for art openings. But growing up has meant leaning into our creature comforts more and more, not giving a fuck. 

I’m on the balcony, wet, feeling the breeze on my face, my fingertips playing at my inner thigh, moving gently up and down. I tease myself; I’ve always liked a long tease and an even longer fuck. I haven’t yet let my fingers brush across my vulva and, when I finally dip a finger in to feel how juicy my pussy has gotten, my knees buckle a little. Do I have time to masturbate? There’s always time to masturbate, I think. The railing is there, I let myself lean all the way into it. In the back of my mind, I imagine someone across the river can see the hot woman, in her late 40s, just beginning to touch herself. I can’t help the desire to masturbate a little bit more.

The front door unlocks and clicks and I know he’s home I let a moan out, a little louder than natural but I want him to know I’m out here, getting myself started, and he should join me.

My little moans and gasps are like a siren song, I hear him softly padding toward the balcony. Loud enough that I can hear, quiet enough that it adds to the suspense and doesn’t disturb the moment. 

Babe, I’m home, he says from behind the screen. Stay just like that. He likes to catch me with wet fingers, masturbating outside.  I freeze, like a horny deer in the headlights and start to breathe a little heavier. He comes out, puts his hands on my shoulders, and breathes a little on my neck. He knows how I like it. I can smell the whiskey. Johnny Walker Blue. After this many years of marriage, every little detail comes through in sparkling clarity.  

My husband encourages me to play with myself

I get real joy, a really intimate feeling of love, connection, and validation from the playfulness of it all. I like how we touch ourselves, separate but together. It slows everything down. Makes the whole experience savory. And I know it’s good for my mental health, too. My therapist likes to remind me of that—I didn’t grow up hearing much about masturbation. I’m so glad it’s not so taboo anymore. Although, taboo does make for good fantasy fodder.

He moves his hands down the silhouette of my shoulders, along the hair of my arms standing on edge, past my fingertips. He’s on his knees now and takes a taste of my dripping wet finger, I let out a little moan, my knees are buckling again. Just a bit.

He grabs my ass, lifts the cheeks in his sturdy hands, and encourages me to bend forward at the hips. He’s opening and closing my vulva now a bit, but hasn’t touched it quite yet. I feel a drop of pussy juice build and release down my thigh. His tongue is right there to catch the next one.

Then I feel the press and swell of his perfect tongue. He sucks a bit on my thighs, it’s like he squeezed a ripe fruit. I drip and drip into his mouth. My legs have little trails of pussy juice rolling down them. We’re the hottest couple in all of New York on this hot summer night. 

We both know he could go down on me for hours. He slips two fingers inside me and finds the squishy, supercharged spot that makes me buck forward a bit. I know I’m moaning loudly enough for the neighbors to hear and I like it. I’m pretty fucking sure they like it, too.


He gently slides his fingers out and rubs my clit while I moan.

He’s laughing a little and starts casually telling me about his night, juices dripping down his chin, steady pressure on my clit. It’s the tease and the goods all at once.

Fuck babe, I’d love to the fuck the shit out of you right now. Do you want that? Do you want to feel my cock deep inside you? You want me to fuck you hard so hard the whole building can hear? He knows exactly what to say and I’m just groaning and panting yes because I know I’ll orgasm fast! I want it so badly and the wanting makes it all the juicier.

You’re going to have to beg. He knows I love to hear it so I whimper some "pleases" out in between my panting.  

He gets right up close to my ear and says, since my dicks’ off to a slow start tonight how about starting a little threesome with Teddy… I love that handheld sex machine! He laughs a throaty laugh.

I love that handheld sex-machine


And, holy shit, that makes me so hot. My man knows how to please me. He knows how to play and keep it sexy. He isn’t selfish, shy or ashamed, about masturbation and sex toys, I know he’ll get it up and plunge it inside after Teddy penetrates me. My little handheld fucking machine is amazing. 

He’s holding my hips with his large, strong hands. He keeps the hem of my dress up too. Do you want it? Licks my pussy the whole length from bottom to top. Are you going to ask me nicely? Plays with my clit with the tip of his tongue. Are you going to let the neighbors know who fucks you the best? He lets go and if it weren’t for the railing I’d have collapsed to the floor. 

He disappears for a moment and emerges with my favorite thruster sex toy, Teddy XL, in lavender. I have a thing for purple sex toys. They just feel right. He’s got Gleam, in his other hand, not that my pussy needs it, but I can tell he might want some anal play later. Maybe I can peg him tonight with Teddy? That’s to be determined but I’m focusing on dipping my fingers in and out of my pussy and licking them, one by one, as we lock eyes through the sliding door frame.

Cowgirl with Teddy the Mini Vibrator

He knows the drill. He’s put down a yoga mat in the middle of the room and laid out our liberator sex toy mount. He places our thrusting sex toy, Teddy, onto the cushion for me to ride it, cowgirl. Sometimes, I can’t believe I get to enjoy this type of play with my husband. He’s about to get hard as fuck watching me and stroking my clit from behind.

It’s a lifetime in micro-movements. The shape of the toy gives an anatomical feel, the head slides against that spongy spot inside that makes me cum the hardest. I thrust all the way down on it before lifting up just a bit, hands and knees now. The yoga mat provides the perfect padding for my knees. The bonbon keeps my thighs spread and the toy steady, with something to grip between my legs.

First, I increase the fuck speed all the way up to 140 strokes a minute. I like to start that way when I’m already wet, fast at first. No human could give it to me like that for more than a minute, but Teddy makes my husband a superhero. After the initial thrusting "fuckfest", I like to settle on a slower setting so I can comfortably fuck it back. 

He’s watching me from behind, admiring my ass as it jiggles, the slippery, wet opening getting banged out while I rock back and forth. 

I sit back a bit and beckon him with one hand, the other playing at my clit. I want him to take over stroking my clit, so I can focus on fucking Teddy.

Next, he walks over to the couch. Sits down naked, right across from me, legs spread, cock dangling. He’s got a bright, red apple in his hand which he slowly brings to his mouth, never breaking eye contact. I remember squeezing the fruit, rolling it between our hands in the farmers market at McCarren. Picking out the prettiest ones. 


He’s hard now from teasing and watching me play

I know because I hear him unzip his pants and squirt a palm of Gleam into his hand. He’s stroking his cock, gaze fixed on me. I bite my lip and let my head fall back, my hair loose on my shoulders and down my back. I slowly, slowly lower down. 

I can hear the wip-wip sound of him stroking himself. He comes in his hand, I can hear him buckle forward and exhale. He takes the palm full of semen and smears it on my ass. Spanks me once, twice, the natural, sticky wet of his cum amplifies the sound. Gathers some of my pussy juice and licks it from his fingers. Don’t stop, he says.

After I orgasm, I stand up to leave the family room.  Not yet, he says seductively. I stop. Take that dress off, let all of Manhattan see that ass. I unzip the back, it slinks over my shoulders, down past my hips and drops to the floor. I slowly make my way to his lap, giving my nipple a deep squeeze in one hand and delicately collecting the juices on my thigh with the other. As I reach him, I stick my fingers in his mouth and say...

"I’m in charge now. Sit down!"

I slide onto his cock this time, just the tip at first, the slick, delicate inner lips of my pussy open to receive the head but I hover above, a slow up and down so he can hear the wet little smack between my thighs. That juicy, telltale sound. I know he wants to see me slide all the way down and fill me, but I can’t tell which of us wants it more. 

I cum so fucking hard, body bucking, toes curling—one of those orgasms that keep rolling in like a stormy sea. And then the gush of wetness, the ocean at my pelvis, releases into his lap. I fold forward, spent, and he just keeps eating his apple until finally, he says, walking toward the master bath, cold shower followed by steam?  

But I need a minute to lie on the floor and let the post-climax waves of relief rush over me. I can feel my whole-body buzzing. It’s like the low hum of crickets in the distance or an orchestra warming up. All buzz and calm. I’m listening for the shower and exhaling every bit of tension away… Friday nights are my favorite. 

Intimate sex is so rare with a lover that actually knows how to extend the play session beyond PIV. Teddy is our favorite ménage trois. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve taught my husband and everything we’ve learned together. It’s been a wild ride. Loving-kindness, good communication, and the perfect sex toy are just a few of the key ingredients.

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Thrusting Sex Toys | Mini Teddy XL | Velvet Thruster

Thrusting Sex Toys | Mini Teddy XL | Velvet Thruster

Thruster Sex Toy | Thrusting Vibrating Dildo


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Writing, Lily Kardon

Illustrator, Meg Primmer

  • Erotic Story
  • Fantasy