Ergonomic Sex Toys A User Friendly Experience

We’re used to shopping for toys that look good, feel good—but you ever looked for a toy that was comfortable and easy to use? Most people don’t, and most adult toys aren’t designed that way. We desire the best sensations and most pleasure when it comes to intimate moments with ourselves or with a partner, yet it’s unsurprising that no one goes out of their way to find an ergonomic sex toy that will stay comfortable to use for as long as you want it to.

Learn about what makes a sex toy user-friendly, why you should keep more than appearances in mind, and where you should shop. Visit Velvet Co.’s thruster collection for the best ergonomic dildos when you’re finally ready to expand your fun bedroom repertoire.

Automatic thrusting vibrators are streamlined to be easy to hold, and adjust the speed as you use them. A toy that does the work for you makes things easier on your wrist and arm, helping to avoid repetitive strain injuries.

What Makes a Ergonomic Sex Toy 

Ergonomic suction-cup dildo attached to a mirror.

The word “ergonomic” describes something that is designed for efficient and comfortable use. One example might be a user-friendly keyboard. When we think of comfortable keyboards, we imagine something that flows with our natural body shape and supports our wrists to reduce the strain repetitive motions can cause in our hands. But what does an ergonomic sex toy look like in the bedroom?

An ergonomic dildo caters to the human body’s shapes and needs. Knowing how the body moves ensures that sexually active adults are able to massage what needs stimulation for an amazing climax. If your dildo’s shaft is curved in the wrong places, penetration might be difficult, uncomfortable, or impossible. Small, poorly placed, or awkward grips can be damaging to your wrist or prevent you from achieving the right angle of thrusts you need to bring yourself to satisfaction.

With Velvet Co., you get what you want without having to configure the perfect position for the most thrust. Automatic penetrating dildos are an excellent sex toy option for people who have issues getting the right angle and desired speed during solo play penetration. Investing in an ergonomic sex toy can make a tremendous difference when you’re trying to have a good time.

Why Go User-Friendly, The Benefit of Ergonomics

Ergonomic Sex Toy

Sometimes it’s great to have an extra hand in the bedroom to give you what you need, but this isn’t an option or desire everyone shares. People love ergonomic dildos for their easy use with or without a partner.

Anyone with a job that requires repetitive motion will tell you how damaging their work can be without the proper precautions. The same applies to sex toys: poorly designed toys can put its user at risk for injury. Repetitive thrusting motions can not only exhaust your hand, but it can hurt your wrist or cause you to strain a tendon—which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to feel good!

Ergonomic sex toys during partner play can also make a difference. If a toy is awkward to use on yourself, chances are it might be uncomfortable for your partner to use on you. When a toy isn’t difficult to operate, you and your partner can focus more on each other as you both bask in erotic sensations of a vibrating, penetrating dildo. Staying in the moment and mood is easier with an ergonomic dildo that gives you maximum pleasure for minimal effort.

All of the ergonomic sex toys from the thruster collection lessen any risk of injury and deliver nothing but spine-tingling delight. Whether you’re indulging in a little anal play or massaging your g-spot, all of Velvet Co.’s deep-penetrating toys are designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Better yet—utilize the suction-cup feature of your favorite Velvet Teddy Thruster and save yourself the trouble of using your hands at all!

Couple peeking at one another above the covers.

Who Uses Ergonomic Sex Toys

Anyone and everyone can benefit from an ergonomic dildo. We all deserve to experience the most pleasure possible and shouldn’t have to contort or strain our bodies and minds to use a sex toy.

The people who benefit the most from easy-to-use sex toys are those of us who are not able-bodied. Individuals with disabilities can find certain motions impossible or painful, which can go on to inhibit their sex lives. The ergonomic sex toy industry actively includes people with disabilities when they design easy to use, simple to clean, and maneuverable toys. Able-bodied people aren’t the only ones who can experience orgasms, but oftentimes sex toys fail to reflect this. Sex toys can support a diverse range of body types with helpful multifunctional features. Hands-free toys like the original Velvet Thruster Teddy are engineered with accessibility in mind and streamline the process of reaching orgasmic bliss.

How We’re Making the Best Sex Toys

At Velvet Co., we aim to create powerful, handheld thrusting dildos for adults who love penetration. Every model is meticulously designed to be a body-safe, and ergonomic sex toy anyone can use. Our portable, rechargeable thrusters won’t trip you up with complicated wires. Most automatic thrusting dildos require a lot of bulk behind their powerful thrusts, but not ours. Velvet Co.’s dildos are all ergonomic thanks to its wireless and hands-free features, straight-forward design, low-maintenance silicone, and comfortable shaft flexibility.

It doesn’t matter if you’re with a partner or engaging in a little self-indulgence: all of our sex toys provide incredible vibrating and penetrating sensations without a hassle. Velvet Co. believes that sex should be fun for anyone who wants it, and creating toys that are comfortable and functional means more people can achieve sexual nirvana.

All of our purchases are backed by a “no questions asked” return policy and come with free shipping. Chase your own bliss and find the best ergonomic sex toys available by shopping at Velvet Co. today!