Sex Questions

October Sex Questions

Happy spooky season, spooky babes! I’m excited to dive DEEP with your sexy October questions, helping you explore the depths of sex… and yourself. 


1. Wife and I are LS but she hates social media. How do I connect with other’s w/o being a creep?

If by LS you mean LifeStyle, then I have just the solution for you! Swinging or “The LifeStyle” can be intimidating to take on, especially if you’re not down with social media together. I get it, Instagram can be a difficult and unclear place. So, I recommend using swinging networks like, which help you find lifestyle-rs near you (or around the world). It’s an easy place to list your photos, interests, experiences, and find events that can help you explore- and it’s not creepy. It’s literally what it’s made for!



Sex Questions


2. Love my thrusting machine! But it’s too big to go on the road with. Any advice/recommendations?

If you’re on the road and don’t want to carry a massive dildo, I recommend buying a Thruster Mini - Teddy. It fits comfortably in any backpack, handbag, or carry-on without taking too much space + it’s suction cup base makes it a staple for action all around the world. I also recommend letting it run until the battery dies before you pack it. This way, you wont have to worry about it starting on its own if you are traveling with others. Everyone hears about the dreaded stories of sex toys turning on inside of luggage, but don't let that deter you from bringing along a toy our two for some self-pleasure during a vacation! After all, an orgasm is one of the best ways to help you relax.



Sex Questions



3. Is the thruster powerful enough for anal play and which model do you think is best for that?

The Thruster is going to make anal play your new best friend - look no further than the Walter Model! Get the thrusting power while sinking into pleasure with the feel and pop of every bead. It’s absolutely perfect for slow, sensational anal penetration or more intense rhythm. However, this is definitely not for people who are just starting to test out anal play. We recommend this for more intense anal play, and make sure you have plenty of lubrication! 

I also really like the Mini Teddy for double - penetration action. 


Sex Questions


4. My partner and I are long distance. Tips for making FaceTime sex not awkward/more fun?

Just because you’re long distance doesn’t mean don’t try, it may mean actually putting more effort than before: You’re creating an experience without being able to touch each other. I am a firm believer in setting the scene to make it fun. Scheduled time out, clean your room, set up good lighting, have some toys out, and brush up on your speaking skills: It’s your time to shine!

A good way to break the ice if you’re nervous is to play a game. I love playing truth or dare, or “remove an item of clothing” games. You can also incorporate sex dice, and act out the dices actions with a toy while your partner get’s to watch. Not only are these fun, but they help give you direction if you’re feeling lost on how to initiate and keep the excitement going. This can definitely be a super helpful way to get rid of any sexual problems that may come from awkwardness.


Sex Questions, Suction Dildo



5. Best positions for using the suction cup?

Ideally you want to be in a position where the Thruster does the work for you, and you get to receive it delightfully.

Doggy-Style: I personally love putting my Thruster against my bed’s headboard and positioning myself on the comfy mattress and pillows. Lower or tilt your back and pelvis to find the perfect depth, while playing with the multiple thrusting speeds.

Take it to the floor: Yes, to the floor. Set up some pillows for your knees while you suction cup your dil to the floor. This would replicate “riding”, although the Thruster does all the work for you. I found this position to also be super comfortable for anal as well!

If you're a vagina owner, using the suction cup can be super helpful when you'd like to have some clitoral stimulation as well! The clitoris is packed with so many nerves, so by stimulating internally and externally, you are bound to have a great orgasm!

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