Happy October kinky babes! Well this is the month of everything spooky and dress up, it really does follow the theme of getting kinky. If you’re into anything kinky, now is the time to ask and boy did you deliver! I invite you to read these incredible questions and spark your interest in KINK during the most exciting month of the year!

How did you get started in kink? 

Ironically, I got my beginnings and KINK through my sexual activities with an ex-boyfriend. I was only about 16 years old, and I remember he had started to pull my hair during sex. Well this would mostly be considered rough sex, it ended up leading to adventures with spanking, choking, and dressing up. As I advanced into my sexual health studies, it became clear that although sexual health and education can be very accessible, the understanding of kink and bringing it to the limelight was not there. I wanted to make a KINK some thing accessible to all, and not some thing that was Just in dungeons

What is the psychology of pegging and getting pegged?

There are many people that would argue that getting pegged is kinky. I’m not one of those people, as pegging is simply the art of a straight male enjoying anal penetration from his typically female partner. Well there is the potential to have the psychology of getting dominated by your female partner, or may be playing in the degradation, it’s truly just another way to explore and enjoy the pleasure that your body can give. Your partner wearing a strap on and anally penetrating you is the easiest way to do so. 

How do I get my wife to 8 more frequent butt play? She likes it when she's a little tipsy

Well it can be really easy to enjoy a sexual accent or desire than when we’re drunk, this is an action we want to move away from. In order to truly and consensually enjoy the things that we do in sex, we want to make sure that we really love and want to do them while we’re completely sober. I would suggest having an open and honest conversation with your partner about practicing but play. See if it’s something that you can start incorporating little by little, like using finger play, rubbing on the outside, or even trying a small set of butt plugs. this is a gentle way to find out if the stimulation works for her, and if it’s comfortable for her. Also remember that at the end of the day, if this ends up being something she doesn’t want to do, consent Hass to be respected. 

Best way to share your kinks with your mate?

The best way to share kinks is to communicate them intentionally and clearly. I would start by researching the king that you’re interested in so that way you have baseline knowledge of how it works, and you’re able to communicate it well to your partner. Pick a neutral place to have a conversation, preferably not during sex. This way you can have a conversation casually, and not feel like it’s sexually pressuring in the moment. I recommend a three-step process, which is communicating the king you want to try and how it works, and explaining why you’re interested in trying it with them. From there are you open the floor to let your partner talk and give her thoughts. This has been a very effective way to have safe communication and explore desires. 

What about figgin? 

Figging a type of kink where the receiver gets a piece of chili or ginger or something similar inserted into the rectum to produce a burning sensation. For some people the pain of this burning sensation is what they desire in their kink. I really recommend being careful with this one, not because of the burning, but because it’s never smart to insert something in the anal cavity that might get lodged or stuck. Practice with caution and do your research!