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While no sex toy is quite like live intercourse, it can be nice to own a toy can get kind of close. If you love the feeling of a good penis or other types of thrust inside of you, one way to get it is with a dildo that’s just the right girth and length for you. Another great way is to pick up an automatic penetration sex toy.

There are many penetration toys available on the market these days. The main categories include pulsator dildos, floor-standing sex machines, and handheld sex machines such as our state-of-the-art Thruster line. Here, we’ll compare these categories to help you figure out where to start your search when shopping for thrusting toys!


The Jackie penetrating sex toy

Before the Thruster, all the sex toys that actually delivered penetration action were heavy floor-standing sex machines, or only worked at the end of a cord - like power tools. At Velvet Co., we set out to change that.

Several blueprints and experiments later, The Thruster was born! These handheld toys are 9 to 11 inches long and deliver speed and power to rival that of any floor-standing penetration sex toy.

What It Feels Like

Our original Thrusters extend 3 inches with each thrust, going at most 9.5 inches inside of you when inserted all the way. Our Mini Thrusters, on the other hand, extend 2.5 inches with each thrust and go 7.5 inches inside of you. That’s pretty deep!

You’ll feel like you’re getting fucked hard – perfect for your solo masturbation escapades, threesome fantasies with your partner, or forced orgasms during bondage play with your partner. Of course, no one said you have to insert the Thrusters all the way – target your erogenous zone with this penetration sex toy to get on the fast track to your favorite kind of orgasm.

There’s something to be said about convenience, too. You can use handheld Thrusters in far more positions than floor-standing sex machines. Our Mini Thruster even has a suction base, allowing you to turn any wall or smooth surface into a piece of sex furniture.

What It Costs

Our penetration toys are not just smaller than floor-standing penetration toys, they’re also far more affordable! Our new Mini Thruster is $149.99 and our original Thrusters are $199.99. That’s similar to the cost of a pulsator dildo, even though the thrust power is much greater. Occasionally we offer promotions that give you free shipping on your order. No matter which Thruster you choose, you’ll always get a 1-year tip-to-tail warranty to get you started on your new penetration sex toy.


Pulsator dildos look a lot like regular vibrator dildos, with one special function: the ability not just to vibrate, but also to move back and forth when it’s inside of you. It’s a relatively new type of toy, but there are some well-reviewed models out there.

What It Feels Like

As far as penetration sex toys go, pulsators offer some of the most subtle sensations out there. The toy will move about an inch inside of you with each mini thrust, replicating the feeling of sensual gyration a little more than deep thrusting. If you enjoy g-spot or p-spot orgasms, a pulsator is definitely a great way to go. If you’ll settle for nothing less than all the thrusting capabilities of a real penis, however, then a pulsator may not quite do it for you.

What It Costs

When buying any high-tech toy, we recommend shopping for premium toys only for the sake of your safety and health. A high-quality pulsator toy will set you back between $150-$200.


A floor-standing sex machine is a great penetration sex toy for those that don’t mind being a little maximalist about their sexcapades. Ranging from the size of a shoebox to that of a workbench, sex machines are generally a heavy base supporting a thrusting dildo that you can sit on and manipulate. It’s a great way to get into doggy style or cowgirl style position.

What It Feels Like

While a mechanical penetration toy won’t interact with you quite as comprehensively as a human might, it definitely gives you an amazing experience in terms of stamina and speed. This kind of toy takes almost zero effort for maximum enjoyment. You and your partner can work in some simultaneous oral sex, or they just might enjoy watching you get fucked by your relentless penetration sex toy.

What It Costs

Most reputable sex machines will cost you $500 or more. Thanks to how inventive and hardcore floor-standing sex machines can get (they are a mainstay of BDSM porn and other hardcore porn), there really is no ceiling to the cost.

Explore A Better Sex Machine!

The mini thruster penetrating sex toy

The world is experiencing an exciting sex revolution that sees more and more adults getting comfortable with sexuality and sex toys. We’re proud to be a part of that revolution! Combining tech with sex is our passion, and we won’t stop until we’ve fulfilled all of your hardcore sex fantasies.

Find the perfect Thruster for you today and please continue to give us your valued feedback so we can improve our penetration sex toys!