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It’s impossible not to be curious about that most gnarly, most infamous of amateur sex toys: power tool dildos. Easy to assemble and commonly seen in porn videos, power tool sex toys combine a dildo’s girth and a power tool’s maneuverability into one giant, absurd thrusting machine with high-speed thrust and/or rotational capabilities.

The Dangerously Pleasurable DIY Sex Toy

Power tool dildos have one major thing going for them: you can easily make them at home. Simply attach a dildo to a reciprocating saw and voilà! You’ve got yourself a powerful personal thruster. But is all that worth it?

As lovers of hardcore sexploration, we can appreciate the effort. We at Velvet Thruster did engineer our own sex toy, after all. The hardcore intensity of a power tool is quite enticing, but the thought of being injured by the sharp reciprocating saw is just horrifying. Power tools can rev up to incredible speeds within moments. A slip of the finger with a power tool dildo could lead to a serious accident.

Because safety is always a priority for us, we don’t suggest you use power tool sex toys to create the sensation of thrust. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives you can turn to instead.

What Can I Do To Get That Thrusting Feeling?

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The thrusting sensations of intercourse are difficult to recreate with sex toys. In general, you have two options: you can use a dildo or you can use a thrusting toy that expands and contracts to mimic that thrusting feeling. Until recently, If you wanted an automatic thrusting toy, your options were limited: you could choose between huge, expensive floor-standing machines and smaller, handheld thrusting machines that generally offer a tiny amount of thrust. No wonder thrust-seeking adults so often turn to power tool dildos to get their pleasure!

Why Is Thrust So Hard To Engineer?

Thrust sounds like a straightforward motion, but it’s actually pretty difficult to engineer. It’s more than just in and out! Too much thrust or speed can cause pain and injury; too little is boring. The only machines that can achieve the perfect balance are sex machines made specifically for the purpose. These toys utilize special engineering to not only mimic thrusting but also ensure the safety of the user. Speed settings are designed to be intense but bearable – something that power tool dildos can’t guarantee.

A Better Alternative To Power Tool Dildos: The Thruster

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How We Engineered Pleasure

Velvet Thruster was founded by experienced aerospace engineers with a profound love of sex and science. We fused these two together when we engineered The Thruster, a line of body-safe silicone thrusting sex machines produced to the same standards as the jet aircraft we used to work on! We even patented our own technology – a powerful ball screw reverser just for use in this thrusting sex toy. We’re proud to present these two years of hard work in the form of our Thruster!

If you’re curious about the sexual prowess of a hardcore power tool dildo, consider checking out The Thruster instead. They’re safer, and with a top speed of 140 strokes per minute, these innocent-looking toys give those infamous power tool sex toys a run for their money!

Customizable Thrust & Vibration Capabilities

Our Thruster both thrusts and vibrates, giving you all of the sensations you love all at once. Enjoy the strong vibrations at the tip and a powerful 3” thrust unmatched by any other handheld adult product. Because everyone’s orgasm is different, you can control the speed and angle.

  • Speed: Choose from 10 adjustable speeds at a maximum speed of 140 strokes per minute. Unlike homemade power tool dildos, our toys get intense but never TOO intense for comfort!
  • Angle: The shaft of our toy is flexible up to 90 degrees – that’s great for g-spot play!

Four Unique Thrusters

We’ve got four versatile Thrusters that can be used solo or with a friend, anally or vaginally. They’ve got their own “personalities,” so simply choose the velvety-smooth cock that’s just right for you! Jackie is the perfect model for giving you that classic dildo feeling, while Frankie has a bulbous head specifically engineered for orgasms aplenty. Abbey has the classic shape and texture designed for the laid-back bohemian, while Walter was made for lovers of intense butt thrusting.

We’ve all got those times when we feel positively insatiable. Our Thrusters are just the perfect toys for those occasions. You don’t need to assemble a power tool dildo to get out-of-this-world action!

Shop Thrusting Sex Machines

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Our Thrusters are proof that the technology is out there for creating safe, satisfying thrusting sex machines. If you’re looking for hardcore thrusting on your own terms, just know that you don’t have to reach for your power tool! Well-engineered sex machines such as The Thruster are a much more practical alternative to power tool sex toys. They’re hardcore yet safe the way you need your toys to be.

Get the thick, intimidating deep-thrusting toys that have no parallel on the market. It’s the perfect meeting of tech and sex. Compare the features and decide for yourself!