What’s The Difference Between a Thrusting Machine and a Sex Machine?

That Amazon logo, might as well be a Velvet Thruster Dildo! 

Today the sex-tech from Velvet Thruster, the original patented manufacturer, delivers powerful handheld sex toys that are known as thrusting machines. They are handheld, penetrating sex toys that offer an exceptional experience for those that enjoy intercourse either vaginally or anally.   

Sex machines where they original inspiration for these designs, you have seen them as larger floor-based models with a steel rod that allows one to attach a silicone dildo. These are done with rotation movement like in an oil rig.

The ability to change dildo attachments was a great feature, the steel rod jabbing you as you try to get comfortable on the floor in front of it, not so much. 

Our patent sets Velvet Thruster apart from sex machines of the 70s and Prime models deliver power and flexibility, literally. You can swap heads from average to big in the middle of play session, and unlike the steel rod, our thrusting machine will flex and bend while thrusting! No other sex toy product has our patented drive system to do this.




In a thriving, vibrant era of sexual self-awareness and empowerment, more individuals are breaking barriers in pursuit of pleasure and understanding their own bodies—and realistic thrusting sex toys and dildos are a testament to this newfound liberation.


Not only do they address the nuanced needs of the female anatomy, but they also debunk age-old myths surrounding women's sexuality. Their skyrocketing popularity goes beyond just providing physical satisfaction; they also cater to psychological and emotional well-being.


But with so many different choices flooding the market right now, how can you find the best of the best out there? Nowadays, you can find leading brands, like Velvet Thruster, on the world’s leading marketplace—Amazon.


With exceptional value, body-safe materials, and rave reviews from satisfied users around the globe, getting the best realistic thrusting machines is no longer a hunt in the shadows, but is instead just a simple click away.


What Is a Realistic Thrusting Dildo?


Strictly speaking, dildos cover a broad range of items and can basically be almost anything. But essentially, it’s a realistic phallic object that’s made from body-safe silicone, but it could even be something as simple as a cucumber, as an example of a dildo.


Velvet Brands are some of the leading pioneers in the space, and are creators of the flexible The Thruster handheld fucking machine, considered by many to be the original realistic thrusting dildo. Now, for the first time, they have a store loaded with a wide variety of products now available for sale on Amazon.


How Does a Thrusting Machine Work?


Thrusting dildos are a beautiful blend of pleasure-focused engineering and innovation with complex technology. It's been adapted from a design that been in use for many years in places you have seen before like, fishing reels and airplanes - a reverser screw. We turn a motor in one direction and have a moving nut that rides up and down that screw groove. This allows the reciprocating movement without having to stop a motor and change directions which would waste time and energy. It’s safe to say that any sex toy lover out there can definitely appreciate the hard technical work and engineering that goes into ensuring you can enjoy an amazing thrusting dildo experience. Until the advancement of rechargeable batteries that now move skateboards, scooters and bikes there were was not enough energy packed into a rechargeable battery to do this work. The more torque which is required means you must have enough amperage in the battery back to support it. 

Plus, with the unique feature of flexibility while thrusting found on Velvet Thruster products, that substantially increases the load on the drive screw and also increases the amperage required from the battery. Sex-tech solved! 


What Are the Benefits of a Thrusting Dildo?


Sex toys offer users a wide array of benefits for their sensuality and sex lives, and realistic thrusting dildos and handheld fucking machines are no exception. To help you see why they’re so great, below are the top reasons why fans love these kinds of toys. 

Super Intense Orgasms

With the right realistic thrusting sex toy, orgasms will be plentiful—heck, you may even be able to get yourself off on demand! These toys allow you to reach new heights of pleasure by pushing deeper than a regular dildo or vibrator and providing a consistent sense of motion.


Enjoy Enhanced Hands-free Pleasure

One of the biggest downsides of using a more traditional dildo is that you or a partner have to do all the hard work manually, which can get very tiring in little time at all. Thankfully, thrusting dildos take all the hassle out of your penetrative sex toy experience because they do all the work for you!

Try adding an easy reach handle or suction cup for easy solo self-pleasure.



One of The Most Powerful Sex Toys Around

Velvet Thrusting dildos are often highly regarded as one of the most powerful sex toys on the market by many users out there. On top of this, their unrivaled stroking ability can be quite intense and can bring orgasms and pleasure as you've never experienced them before. 

Anyone Can Use Thrusting Dildos!

Thrusting sex toys can easily be used by anyone, regardless of their orientation or gender, as exceptional ways to enjoy out-of-this-world vaginal or anal stimulation. Velvet is the only brand of thrusting machines powerful enough for prostate orgasm!


What Types of Thrusting Dildos?


There are all kinds of pumping dildos out there on the market today, which can definitely make choosing confusing at times. To find the right toy for you or your partner, be sure to learn about each kind to find out which is best for your situation. 

Thrusting Dildos

This defines the most basic kind of pumping dildo. Sometimes, simpler is better for some people, and these devices perform the essential pumping functions you need to achieve an orgasm without all the extra features.

Thrusting Vibrator Dildos

These stroking sex toys include an additional motor and control for a vibrator located in the tip. If you are new to penetration and are comfortable with external clitoral stimulation this is a good way to test the waters. 


How Do You Achieve Orgasm with a Realistic Thrusting Dildo?


Achieving vaginal or prostate orgasms can be challenging for many individuals regardless of their experience. Many women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm, often due to a partner's inexperience or lack of patience in exploring what brings pleasure. As a result, many women are unaware of the depth of pleasure they can attain. Often, this realization comes about serendipitously, after a particularly passionate encounter or with persistent self-exploration.


There's a misconception that for a woman to achieve a vaginal orgasm, simple penetrative motion suffices. In reality, many women find pleasure from consistent pressure against the outer parts of the vulva, with the pressure maintained throughout the act. For some, a penis with a certain curve can provide the right kind of stimulation, especially when combined with a rhythmic thrust. Exactly the benefit of flexibility found in the Velvet Thruster sex toy products.


Vaginal or Prostate orgasms often require a patient and communicative partner, or significant time dedicated to self-exploration. Partners who genuinely derive joy from their partner's pleasure understand the importance of communication and patience.


It's essential to note that many men lack the experience to fully satisfy their partners, as it often requires focusing on the partner's pleasure and pacing oneself. Through a deep commitment to enhancing pleasure, companies like Velvet Thruster have developed the perfect thrusting fucking machine, ensuring powerful vaginal or prostate orgasms on demand.


Achieve New Levels of Pleasure with Realistic Thrusting Dildos


For those that enjoy penetration, there is no substitute for the pleasure and versatility of Velvet Thrusting machines! The only handheld thrusting dildos with the power to enjoy for vaginal orgasm or anal thrusting. Velvet Prime now on Amazon, found under realistic thrusting dildo, allows you to swap heads and add attachments. Including a male stroking sleeve. 


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