I'm interested in trying anal but scared it will hurt. What can I do to help it not?

Don’t worry babe, it’s the most common fear! To make the experience more comfortable, you can try using plenty of lubrication, taking things slowly, and relaxing your muscles. Start with smaller objects or fingers before attempting penetration, and communicate with your partner about what feels comfortable. Successful and pleasurable anal play are directly held accountable by how relaxed you can be! 


How messy will it be?

Let’s get one thing straight: making a mess is ALWAYS a possibility, and it needs to be accepted! It’s no big deal, just have baby wipes around. To prep for mess free anal, invest in learning how to douche properly! This is flushing the first portion of your rectum with water to clean it out for penetration. 


Is there a specific type of lube I should use?

While you can use any type of lube, a silicone based lubricant will be the slickest and last the longest for anal play. Whatever amount you think is enough, triple it and then you’re good to go for anal! Remember, your ass doesn’t lubricate itself. 


I'm embarrassed to tell my partner I want to try anal. How should I bring it up?

I always like to have a casual convo about it - let them know you’ve been thinking about it and want to bounce ideas, thoughts, and feelings about it together. Here you can gauge what anal play looks like for each of you, and where to start. 


What are some good toys for anal?

When you get comfy with penetration, try Thruster’s Walter or L’Acier’s Reverb, which have groovy grooves and vibes that can be felt with every inch of your booty. These are absolutely SENSATIONAL.


What are the best positions for anal? 

In my experience, the most comfortable position when I began enjoying anal was in my side with my outer leg propped up a bit! I could relax, focus on breathing, and enjoy the sensation since I’m not trying to move my body. Once that gets comfy, try a sassy missionary!